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Establishment Declaration

Dr. Zyun Koana Special Exhibition
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting

Ultra Micro Nikkor

UMN Grand History
UMN Technology
UMN e-line Filter

UMN Nikon Museumn Report
UMN Operation
UMN Wooden Box

Ultra Micro Nikkor Family
UMN 28mm F1.7e Spring Ephemeral
UMN 28mm F1.7e Surf Beach Sounds
UMN 28mm F1.8 Early Model
UMN 28mm F1.8 Late Model Type 1
UMN 28mm F1.8 Late Model Type 2
UMN 50mm F1.8h Brilliant Lens
UMN 50mm F1.8h Garnet Ruby Red

UMN 55mm F2 in Green
UMN 55mm F2 Goddess of the Lens
UMN 55mm F2 Fine Dream Lens
UMN 125mm F2.8 THE LENS
UMN 125mm The Milky Way Galaxy
UMN 135mm F4 Grand Lens
UMN 155mm Amida Turbo Lens
UMN 165mm the Emperor of the Lens

MACRO Nikkor

MACRO Nikkor Family
MACRO 19mm F2.8 Optical Gem
MACRO 35mm F4.5 in Wind
MACRO 35mm F4.5 and Bellows Set
MACRO 35mm F4.5, Tokyo Shinjuku
Fake Name BR-15 and BR-16

MACRO 65mm F4.5 Lemon Yellow
MACRO 65mm F4.5 Science Dream
MACRO 12cm F6.3 Strawberry Red
MACRO 12cm F6.3 Spirit of Naturalist
MACRO 12cm F6.3 in Woods
Visionary MACRO Nikkor Lenses

Recording Nikkor

Rayfact in ISS 2023
Nikon Rayfact MJ 90mm F4
REPRO Nikkor and CRT Nikkor
REPRO 85mm F1.0 Supersonic Lens
REPRO 85mm F1.0 Limited Macro Lens
REPRO Nikkor 170mm F1.4 Platinum
CRT Nikkor 55mm F1.2 High Speed
CRT Nikkor 55mm F1.2 Grand Legend

Rayfact in ITE 2023
FR Nikkor 75mm F1.0 For Real Lens
COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 Recording Lens
COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 Digital Poet
Printing Nikkor 105mm F2.8 Weekend
Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 Fantasy
Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 Grand Elegance
TV-Nikkor 35mm F0.9 Big Super Light

APO EL     APO     EL     PROCESS  Nikkor

APO EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6N
APO Nikkor 240mm F9
EL Nikkor 63mm F3.5 Slow Lens
EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6 and PB-4
EL Nikkor 360mm F5.6
Process Nikkor 210mm F10

APO EL Nikkor 210mm F5.6
APO Nikkor 455mm F9
EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6 Mountain Hood
EL Nikkor 300mm F5.6
Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6 Process Nikkor 260mm F10

Auld School EL Nikkor

EL Nikkor 40mm F4N
EL Nikkor 50mm F4N
EL Nikkor 50mm F2.8N
EL Nikkor 63mm F2.8N
EL Nikkor 75mm F4N
EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6N
EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A
EL Nikkor 210mm F5.6

EL Nikkor 50mm F4
EL Nikkor 50mm F2.8
EL Nikkor 63mm F3.5
EL Nikkor 75mm F4
EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6
EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6N
EL Nikkor 150mm F5.6

My Favorite Thing

Nikon Ophthalmic Camera AS-1
Mountain Nikkor 10.5cm F4 Big Hood
Type P Copy Stand for Nikon S
Nikon Wooden Film Holder
Nikon Beetle 1600S Slope Reduction

Nikon Model H Field Microscope
SAGAWA Card History and His Work
Nikon Wine and Sake
Glico Nikon F Miniature
World Minimum Nikon Silver Filter

FUJINON-M 38mm F5.4 Little Boy
FUJINON-M 50mm F7 Fine Lens

MINOLTA Color Meter Full Metal Kid

Vintage and Historical Legacy Lenses

Grace Röntgen Xebec 5cm F1.5

The Recon Aero Nikkor 50cm F5.6
Simlar-F 180mm F1.5 Tokyo Kogaku

Gallery and Collection JAPAN

Dr. Oguri and his Power Nikkor Lenses
Prof. Dr. Koga's Micro Nikkor 70mm F5
Moriya-san's APO Nikkor & Deardorff
Dr. Nakamura's Medical Nikkor

Commercial Photographer Koda-san
Fujimoto Bros. Fax Ortho Nikkor
Fujimoto Bros. Meets the Daimajin
A Fine Crystallographer Dr. Tanaka

Gallery and Collection WORLDWIDE

Martin Moravcik    Slovakia
Klaus Schmitt    Germany
Mike Symons    Canada

Uli Koch    Germany
Martin Fox    U.S.A.
Vivek Iyer    Netherlands


Dr. Zyun Koana Special Exhibition
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting

NHS Conv. 11th Vancouver 2008
NHS Conv. 10th Vienna 2006
NHS Conv. 9th Tokyo 2004

Liner Notes

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