MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8 Optical Gem
MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8 Optical Gem

MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8 Optical Gem

A Drink with MACRO Nikkor at Bar

The main building of the historic Hotel Okura Tokyo closed in end of August 2015 for demolition and a rebuild. The Orchid Bar in a main bar of the Okura was a relaxation place for the old gentlemen boys in Tokyo.

Minato-ku Tokyo

Neighbor is the US Embassy

Hotel Okura Tokyo

Entrance to Okura

Hotel Okura Main Lobby
(September 2013)

Hexagonal Okura lanterns hang like nostalgic beads from the ceiling. Afternoon daylight sun filters through wooden latticework and shoji screens (paper screens). Curved 60's modernist chairs surround lacquerware tables like the petals of a plum blossom.

Old Nikon F and Hotel Okura Tokyo

Happy Time at the Orchid Bar

The Orchid Bar is renowned among design buffs as the perfect combination of Japanese aesthetics and modernist decor.

Orchid Bar Okura

Bar Counter Okura

Back Bar Okura

Bar Counter Okura

Bar Time with Nikon Camera

Oftentimes, a good hotel bar has soft lighting, unobtrusive music, and delicious drinks. It's fun to talk with friends. If you and your friends have the same hobbies, the conversation will be very exciting. The topic of photography and cameras is more peaceful than political and soccer games.

Orchid Bar, Hotel Okura Tokyo

A Drink with Friends

A Drink with MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8

The Hotel Okura Tokyo was reborn as The Okura Tokyo in September 2019. The pentagonal "Okura Lanterns" that drip from the ceiling of the lobby and the windows layered with washi (Japanese traditional paper) that gently diffuse the harsh sunlight, have all retained the charm of the original lobby.

MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8 Funs

MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8 lens is loved by the digital poet who lives in big hyper city. The MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8 lens is one of the more exotic and exciting lenses for the Nikon MULTIPHOT system. It was designed for use in super-microscopy world with RMS microscope thread. It could also be used on your high-end copy system or close-up photography camera if they have RMS microscope thread.

MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8 and Nikon F F36

Weight of MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8

I compared the weight with the small lens I own. The EL Nikkor 50mm F4 on the left weighs 57.5 g. The MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8 on the right weighs 68 g. The MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8 was heavier than the EL Nikkor 50mm F4.


MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8

Focal length :  19 mm
Line color of lens barrel :  White
Max. aperture :  f/2.8
Aperture scale :  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Standard magnification :  20X
Range of magnification ratio :  15X - 40X
Mount :  RMS thread
Actual length :
  32.0 mm    Serial No. in 19500s
Actual diameter :
  24.2 mm    Serial No. in 19500s
Actual weight :
  68.0 g    Serial No. in 19500s
Accessories :  Microscope objective case and cap

Release date :  July 1970
Price :
  20,400 Japanese YEN (July 1970)
  23,300 Japanese YEN (July 1972)
  23,300 Japanese YEN (January 1973)
  30,000 Japanese YEN (December 1973)
  54,000 Japanese YEN (1979)
  61,000 Japanese YEN (1980)
  79,000 Japanese YEN (1993)

Nikon at a Traditional Hotel

Hakone is a must visit location in Japan. With its beautiful nature, its wonderful onsen, its fantastic views of Mount Fuji, and its many museums. There is must-stay hotel in Hakone, the Fujiya Hotel.

Japanese Traditional MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8

MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8 in Summer Morning

Beautiful MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8

Strongest Lens with White Line

Summer Place with MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8

What sets Fujiya Hotel apart is the mystique it gains from its storied past. Founded in 1878, it is one of Japan's oldest hotels, and the architectural styling is representative of the changing Japanese society during the Meiji era with its blend of traditional Japanese and western influence.

RMS MACRO Nikkor Brothers

Please look at the photos of which a specialist took a picture by the MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8 lens.    A Fine Crystallographer Dr. Tanaka's Excellent Reserch

Nikon Bellows PB-4 and MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8

Lens Makes You Happy

If you have a camera that lets you change lenses, like most mirrorless or digital SLR or film SLR cameras, then I highly recommend spending a little bit of money on a macro lens. Lens makes you happy. This is true.

MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8
RMS Microscope Thread Hight Resolution Lens

MACRO Nikkor 19mm F2.8, Really Optical Gems

Small is Beautiful

RMS Macro Nikkor Lenses in Glass Bottles

RMS Macro Nikkor Lenses on top of Ancient Documents



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