Micro Nikkor 70mm F5
Micro Nikkor 70mm F5

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 Grand Elegance Lens

Grand Elegance Lens

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 is a high performance and elegant lens. I would like to tell you the accurate information. Please read this article carefully. If you would like to read the detailed contents, please refer to the Japanese page by your PC translation. Please enjoy and have fun!! Thank you!

Micro Nikkor rather than Macro Nikkor


Micro Nikkor 70mm F5

Focal length :  70 mm
Max. aperture :  f/5
Min. aperture :  f/22
Lens construction :  5 elements in 4 groups
Standard reproduction :  1/12X
Range of reproduction ratio :  1/30X - 1/5X
Picture angle :  43°
Correction wavelength range :  400 nm - 650 nm
Vignetting :  0%   at f/7
Resolution :  125 lines/mm
Image area:  55.2mm⌀ (32 x 45 mm)
Overall working distance :  985.8 mm
Filter size :  d=40.5 mm   p=0.5 mm
Mount :  Leica L39 Screw Mount
Length :  48 mm
Diameter :  51 mm
Weight :  250 g
Actual weight :  240.0 g
Accessories :  Front and rear lens caps, wooden box

Release date :  1969
Price :
  45,000 Japanese YEN (1974)
  45,000 Japanese YEN (1976)
  49,500 Japanese YEN (1977)

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 Lens Construction

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 Lens Construction

A Detailed Lens Story

Technical materials are shown below as evidence of this article.

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 Early Type

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 Later Type


Micro-Nikkor lenses are designed for making microphotographs or micro-copies. According to the size of the micro-film, four types of Micro-Nikkor lenses are available. The term microphotography means the photographic and various related techniques of reproducing printed or other graphic matters into a small photograph of extreme reduction ratio so the reproduced version cannot be read or discriminated with the naked eyes and is normally magnified for viewing.

In general, microphotography indicates printed and other graphic matters of scale being systematically reproduced on micro-films in large quantities. These optically reduced information material can be easily enlarged to their original sizes through micro-readers, enlargers etc., or office duplicators equipped to this equipment for perusal and reproduction.

The adoption of this micro copying process considerably cuts down the volume and weight of information materials to be stored and thus, greatly contributes to the economizing of storage space, facilitating of transportation and also providing convenience in classification, controlling and long period storage.

Due to these mentioned reasons, this process is being widely used today for the rationalization of office work concerning storage of information materials. Microphotographs, due to their nature, are required to use a film of fine grain possessing high resolving power and a lens having an extremely high resolution over the entire image area as it is necessary to faithfully reproduce every minor detail of the subject matters.

My Microfilm Collection and Micro Nikkor 70mm F5

Features of Micro-Nikkor

Micro-Nikkor lenses possess extremely high resolving power of producing superior microphotographs. A modified Gauss type 4 groups and 5 elements (Japanese Patent No. 221051). Since this lens is designed mainly for capability without being avaricious on aperture ratio, it produces a clear and distinct image.

The big difference between ordinary and micro lenses lies in their standard reduction ratio. Ordinary lenses are generally designed for objects at infinity distance, whereas the micro-lenses are designed for use under standard reduction ratios. Therefore, although ordinary lenses may be suitable for photographing, their capability is not assured for reproduction and close-up.

The Micro-Nikkor lenses have been basically designed for precise reproduction and possess even flatness of images suited for reproduction and close-up. In addition, astigmatism aberration has been corrected to the maximum extent and variation due to change of reduction ratio does not occur. The diameter of the front and rear lens groups has been designed larger than the indicated apertures, so the lens gives an ample share of light throughout the corners of the picture and prevents uneven exposures.

Beautiful Lens of Coating


Micro-Nikkor lenses possess superior capabilities. But, in case of close-up photography, special consideration must be given on focusing and the film plane must be parallel to the original negative due to its shallow depth of focus. When making use of the lens capability to extreme extents, it is necessary to prepare special purpose equipment.

Front and Rear Caps and Wooden Box

Elegant Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 Lens

Lens Stored in the Wooden Box

Certification Card

This lens has a certification card. This card is signed by Mr. Matsuo HIRAO who is responsible for Nikon lens inspection.

Signed by Mr. Matsuo HIRAO

The Back Side of the Inspection Card

A Summer Morning

Grand elegance summer vacation. I read the old novel in the shade under the grove. While watching the images, please listen to the sound of winds from the alpha waves and the stratosphere where the trees gently breeze.

Sound of Wind

Sound of Trees

Sound of Early Summer

Sound of Monochrome

Leica L39 Screw Mount

If you have a Nikon Leica mount base plate you can attach it to the Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 lens. But a Nikon Leica mount base plate is rare item so you may find it difficult to find.

Nikon Adapter Ring Collection

Rare Nikon Leica Mount Base Plate

Leica L39 Screw Mounted Micro Nikkor 70mm F5

A Summer Afternoon

The afternoon is good at the end of summer. Dynamic cloud formation that runs in hot air is distant. The Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 lens is a really elegant and brilliant lens. Dynamic and Elegance.

Dynamic and Elegance

The Landscape Became a Movie

Good Face Lens


40.5 mm Filter Attachment Size

The filter size of Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 is 40.5 mm. For Nikon 1 series, a filter of 40.5mm, also a hood is prepared. This fits perfectly.
For detailed information, please refer to New Attachment Size 40.5mm Accessories .

Nikon F2 Titanium and Micro Nikkor 70mm F5

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 Photography

I would like to show you some photographs taken by the Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 Lens. You can get the large size image by clicking on the following some photographs.

Sunday Boys Baseball
Long Distance View with Micro Nikkor 70mm F5

Beautiful Like Glass Art

Precise Picture

Early Morning Flowers

The Heyday of Her Life

Fun Photography

Yellow Flowers in Blue Sky

Sunny Morning

Brilliant Sakura Nippon

Nippon Traditional Sweets

Sweets Photography

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 in Early Winter

Nikon J1 40.5mm Filter and Lens Hood

Early Winter Afternoon by Micro Nikkor 70mm F5


The pictures taken with the Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 lens are wonderful. The Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 is a high-performance lens that is compatible with use for duplicating movie film. Therefore, colors without chromatic aberration are extremely neutral and precise.

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 and Old Nikon

Nikon Z Album

I mounted the Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 on my Nikon Z 6 and took the following pictures. The Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 lens produce very nice images at medium distances.

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 on Nikon Z 6

The following adapters were connected to the Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 lens to get infinity.

Nikon F Lens to Nikon Z Mount Adapter (K & F Concept)
Nikon L-F Connecting Adapter
Micro Nikkor 70mm F5
Nikon 40.5mm Neutral Color NC Filter
Nikon 40.5mm Food HN-N102

Images like Kodachrome 25

I got the very rich and beautiful pictures like Kodachrome 25 by Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 lens and Nikon Z 6 camera. As you can see, this lens is suitable not only for close-up photography but also for landscape photography at long distances.

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5,   ASA 1600   F8   1/8000 sec.   -0.3

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5,   ASA 1600   F8   1/8000 sec.   -0.3

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5,   ASA 1600   F8   1/8000 sec.   -0.3

Delicate and Dynamic Images

The concept of the Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 is delicate and dynamic image generation. Originally a special lens specialized for precision photography such as microfilm. I got very clear pictures with Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 lens.

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 on Nikon Z 6

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5,   ASA 800   F8   1/1600 sec.   +1.0

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5,   ASA 800   F8   1/2000 sec.   +0.3

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5,   ASA 800   F8   1/640 sec.   -0 +0

Excellent Micro contrast Feature

The Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 lens have an amazing kind of rendition, clean and with great micro contrast. The Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 lens with great micro contrast has much richer colors and tone transitions compared to a general-purpose lens.

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5,   ASA 800   F8   1/1250 sec.   -1.0

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5,   ASA 800   F8   1/1250 sec.   -0.7

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5,   ASA 800   F8   1/1250 sec.   +0.3

Micro Nikkor 70mm F5,   ASA 800   F8   1/1600 sec.   -0.3


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