COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 Super Recording Lens
COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 Super Recording Lens

COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 Super Recording Lens with Sony TC-D5 PRO II

CRT Recording-Nikkor

One of the more fantastic and rare lenses for the CRT Recording-Nikkor series.
The COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 consisted of eight elements set in a little heavy weight and silver tiny barrel.
The rim of the lens is engraved as "COM-NIKKOR 1:1.4 f=37mm M=1/8 Nikon" with white painted character.
Therefore, the lens is highly efficient and a distortion is +0.07%!!!
You can see very beautiful and elegant tiny body of the super recording lens.
And, You can make the fantastic legend with this lens.

COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 on Sony TC-D5 PRO II

COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4

Computer Output Microfilm (COM) photography is defined by certain distinct conditions, such as the color, intensity, and contrast of the traced images.
These constitute the distinct performance limits of COM-Nikkor lenses.
The range of aberration correction is from 400 to 650 nanometers. The contrast between the traces and the screen background is maximized.
High resolution is attained by using a large, high-speed aperture, which also takes care of adequate exposure of the fairly high framing speed of moving traces on the CRT.
The COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 covers a field diameter of 15mm with standard magnification of 1/8X.

COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 with NAGRA PL-L

COM-Nikkor is Good-Looking Like Nagra

COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 and Mark Levinson No.30.6L


COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4

Focal length :  37.2 mm
Max. aperture :  f/1.4
Min. aperture :  f/8
Lens construction :  8 elements in 6 groups
Standard magnifucation :  1/8X
Usable magnification range :  1/7X - 1/10X
Picture angle :  20° 45'
Corrected chromatic aberration range :  400 nm - 650 nm
Vignettings :  0% (f/2)
Distortion :  +0.07%
Image size :  15 mm⌀
Original size :  120 mm⌀
Image distance at standard magnification :  351 mm
Weight :  300 g
Price :  113,000 Japanese YEN (1974)

COM Nikkor 37mm F1.4 Lens Construction

COM Nikkor 37mm F1.4 Lens Construction

COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 with Sony TC-D5 PRO II

High Speed Recording-Nikkor, COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 Lens New in Box

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