RED BOOK NIKKOR Establishment Declaration
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Red Book

Do you know the word " Red Book"?
Red Book means that has all endangered species list.
Sometimes it is called "Red List Partner" or "Red List". Follow up this word Red Book with your reading.

The human don't know the exactly answer why many living life are threatened with extinction now.
May be growth in population the world?
May be onward sweep of civilization cause problem?
The book "Red Book" has all the endangered species list in the world.

Classic Camera and Nikon

Let me return to the original topic.
From the past, overheating in the classic cameras is still running on.
The most popular name is Leica "Made in Germany". This style never goes out.
German produce abundant lenses such as Leica, CONTAX, Rollei, and other fine quality lenses.
Especially in Japan, many people still want to get Nikon rangefinder camera. This is the so popular, if you are interested in those classic cameras.

When you go to any bookstores, you will find many camera magazines. Those books reflect the big boom in the antique cameras.
If you read those magazines, you will find many lens articles about Nikon, Leica, Carl Zeiss and Cosina lenses. Unfortunately, there is no big news in those categories.
This is the law of saturation.

Save the Spilit

However we can find big hole in those lens categories.
Those are the lenses for industrial purposes.
Nobody wants to speak this hot topic, because no one knows those lenses. If those lenses once come onto the market, no one wants to buy.
Therefore, this is the delicate topic to talk.

As we know, Japan was high rate of economic growth in the 1960s.
1960s was the first age of steel processed products, cargo ships, cars, electrical products and so on.
The world has changed from the vacuum tubes to the transistors and transistors to the integrated circuits.
When the company makes those circuits, they require high resolution lenses for the greater details.
In this bout, Nikon produced special Nikkor lenses for the industorial purposes.
When the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor was introduced in 1960s, it immediately became the legendary lenses in the Nikon story.
Those lenses were put into the 1 million circuit machines to print the patterns to uncountable numbers circuit boards.

Space-time is now when the time of millennium is exceeded at and 2001 exist actually.
Even the extreme high resolution lens, Ultra-Micro Nikkor was the star of a time, no one remember those lenses.
Those are the lenses which I want to save.

The Romance of Legend

Though the flow of the river is stopped, the flow of the time isn't stopped.
Those lenses worked harder and harder. The lens, seeing only luminosity e-line, g-line, and h-lines, there are friends who ware likely to become blind.
Who knows the amounts of lenses which were broken with the hammer and became sand of a reclaimed ground.

Restructuring is not just a layoff. Restructure means to change the makeup, organization, or pattern of frame.
It is not a layoff. It is not breaking with a hammer and considering as sand.

Save Nikkor activities has just started. This is only the beginning.
Let's save Nikkor lenses of former years, legendary industrial lenses, and old shines superstar now.
Protection of "endangered species" and "emergency kinds", are required activities in this century.
Let's save those lenses and use those carefully. There is no reason to place those lenses into the case. Those lenses live with using in the field.

This is the establishment reason of this site to find out not only Nikkor lenses but also the hidden old soldiers, and to make them happy.

This is the romance.
This is the romance which already became dead word.
The Nikkor Renaissance, which find out the industrial fine-arts lenses, was just begun.

Once dead lenses see the natural light, many lenses become alive again after being dead.
Because Japan made those global super-high performance lenses, let's return them to Japan.

The person who has exiled the Ultra-Micro Nikkor 125mm F2.8 from the Ukraine in the Soviet Union was me.
This is the legendary extreme high resolution lens, which is lived only in a few references of books.
I can remember the time when I took this lens in my hand. I shivered, because no one can find this lens even in Japan.
It was like a Japanese Samurai sword. And he was a real Samurai.
The Samurai told me that "You made an effort to save me, Thank you for your friendship".
The God with me now.

He can feel the Japanese winds.
In the summer, he can enjoy Bon festival dance. In the autumn, he watch out for locusts in rice field. In the winter, he can catch the moonlight in the snow by light speed. In the spring, he sleeps under the fantasic cherry blossom with Sake.

If the old Lens will be fine, you will be fine also. I am also glad to be fine.
The country which does not have smiling face to the old person is something wrong.
Thank you for your reading so far. Thanks again.

October 21, 2001

Michio Akiyama

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