MINOLTA Color Meter Full Metal Kid
MINOLTA Color Meter Full Metal Kid

MINOLTA Color Meter Full Metal Kid

Beautiful MINOLTA Color Meter

This elegant item is not an exposure meter. This is the machine that measures the temperature of color. MINOLTA Color Meter is made of MINOLTA CAMERA Co., of the 1970's. If you have this meter you are able to obtain graceful time.

Beautiful MINOLTA Color Meter

Size Comparison

Remove the White Cap of Incident Light Receptor

Three Color Elements

Insert Five PX-625 Type Batteries into Battery Chamber

Beautiful Metal Body

Color Meter Brochure, 1977

Color Meter Man

Morning Light

Afternoon Light

MINOLTA Color Meter Full Metal Kid

MINOLTA Color Meter Photos


3-color-measuring type color temperature meter for professional use
Featuring high compactness
One-hand operation
Direct MIRED
Built-in color balancing and correction filter reading
High accuracy over an unusually wide illumination range

MINOLTA Color Meter Top

MINOLTA Color Meter Bottom

MINOLTA Color Meter Left

MINOLTA Color Meter Right

Illuminance Range Selector
X100 setting : 1,000 - 128,000 Lux    X1 setting : 10 - 1,280 Lux

Color temperatures Measuring Ranges

Range T1, Tungsten 1
400 - 300 MIRED   (2500 K - 3300 K)

Range T2, Tungsten 2
362 - 263 MIRED   (2750 K - 3800 K)

Range D1, Daylight 1
270 - 170 MIRED   (3700 K - 5800 K)

Range D2, Daylight 2
180 - 80 MIRED   (5560 K - 12500 K)

Two Meters

Beautiful MINOLTA Color Meters


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