APO Nikkor 455mm F9 in Japanese Tea Break
APO Nikkor 455mm F9 in Japanese Tea Break

APO Nikkor 455mm F9 in Japanese Tea Break

APO Nikkor 455mm F9

Apo Nikkor lenses are specially designed for use in photoengraving work.
The lenses are also suitable for work, where no distortion is permissible at a reproduction ratio close to full size.
On the other hand, since the lenses give an excellent image, for wide picture angle at infinite distance as well as in enlarging work, they can also be utilized for a large size camera or an enlarger.

APO Nikkor 455mm F9 FOR SALE

APO Nikkor 455mm F9 Arrived in Japan

Illustrated APO Nikkor Gallery

I would like to show you complete set of APO Nikkor for your rference. You can get the large size image by clicking on the following some photographs.

Beautiful Wood Grain

Neat Wooden Box

Very Cool Nikon Box


Complete Set of APO Nikkor

The complete set consists of the following accessories.

  • Wooden box
  • Aperture plates x 5
  • Gelatin filter holders x 5
  • Hinged front lens cap
  • Rear lens cap
  • Lens mount
  • Bolts and nuts x 6
  • Certification Card
  • Silicagel

Complete Set of APO Nikkor

Sagawa's Certification Card

Lens and Accessories

The Minimum Aperture is F128

Accessories in Box


The characteristic accessories of APO Nikkor are the hinged front lens cap, aperture plates and gelatin filter holders.

Aperture Plates for APO Nikkor

Gelatin Filter Holders for APO Nikkor

Gelatin Filter Holders

Nikon Bolts and Nuts

Signed by Mr. Takeshi SAGAWA

The Back Side of the Card



APO Nikkor 455mm F9

Focal length :  455 mm
Max. aperture :  f/9
Min. aperture :  f/128
Lens construction :  4 elements in 4 groups
Standard magnification :  1X
Picture angle :  46°
Correction wavelength range :  380 nm - 750 nm
Vignettings :  0% (at F16)
Distortion :  0.00%
Object area :  770 mm⌀
Image area :  770 mm⌀
Overall working distance :  1820 mm
Filter size :  d=86 mm P=0.75 mm
Mount :  Screw d=90 mm p=1 mm
Weight :  810 g
Accessories :  Hinged front lens cap, Rear lens caps, Wooden box
Accessories :  Aperture plates, Gelatin filter holders, Bolts and nuts
Price :  90,000 Japanese YEN (1974)

APO Nikkor 455mm F9 Lens Construction

About the Weight of the Lens

According to the Nikon Sales Manual (LENS DATA 1970.3), the weight of the lens is described as 810 g. However, the weight of the lens alone is 710 g.
Weight of lens and accessories are shown below.

Lens 710 g
Front cap 55 g
Rear cap 25 g
Lens mount 45 g

Weight of 810 g means the sum of the weights of the lens, the front cap, and the lens mount.

Dreaming Lens

You can be happy if you have a beautiful lens.
Beautiful lenses will make you healthy.
Even if you can not take pictures with that lens, the world will be peaceful.
APO Nikkor lens is a real apochromatic lens.

The Spirit of Japanese Art with Okakura Kakuzo

Beautiful Time with APO Nikkor

I put the APO Nikkor lens in the forest.
The air became clean.
I had a dream under the trees.

Nippon Kogaku Japan

Apo-NIKKOR  1:9  f=455mm



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