EL Nikkor 75mm F4
EL Nikkor 75mm F4

EL Nikkor 75mm F4

Cherished Focal Length 75mm
Classic View
Exotic Aperture F45
Textures You Can Almost Feel

EL Nikkor 75mm F4
The Iconic Go-to Lens
A 75mm F4 Like No Other
Nothing Weighing You Down

EL Nikkor 75mm F4


This is the story of the small but powerful EL Nikkor lens. I would like to tell you about EL Nikkor 75mm F4. This lens was released in June 1972 as a traditional EL Nikkor lens. I mount an EL Nikkor 75mm F4 lens on my Nikon Z camera and enjoy taking pictures with it. Of course, since the Nikon Z camera has a short flange back, you can easily take pictures at infinity.

EL Nikkor 75mm F4

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