Ultra Micro Nikkor Family
Ultra Micro Nikkor Family

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor Family, Super High Resolution Lenses

Far East of Elegance
The Ultra Micro Nikkor Super Lenses
Nippon Kogaku Japan
The Legend Revived

Super High Resolution Lenses

Nippon Kogaku has been the pioneer in the development of series of Ultra-Micro Nikkor lenses for use in the manufacturing process of ICs and LSIs in 1960's.
The enthusiast of the Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses all over the world are looking for the Ultra-Micro Nikkor lenses now in 2000's.
If you can obtain these lenses, you will understand a great charm.
And, you will fall in love with these lenses.

There is a man who went out to a long trip alone with only this super lens.
I don't know where he went.
My friend's scientist is researching the mud of 6,500 meters in bottom of the deep sea with these lenses.
He might also be falling in love with this lens.
The steady citizens must not obtain these lenses.
However, non-efficient, expensive and anachronism lens is beautiful.
The digital poet who pursues beauty must go!!

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor Family

There are Super High Resolution Lenses. These lenses are as beautiful as the very deep sea. These lenses are as strong as a rolling stone.
Here is a Paradise of Ultra-Micro-Nikkor lenses and Super High Resolution Lenses.
Let's join us!

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor Family, Super High Resolution Lenses

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor Family

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor Family, Super High Resolution Lenses

Dr. Zyun Koana Special Exhibition

You can refer to a report to know the historical background of the Ultra Micro Nikkor lenses. Please browse the Dr. Zyun Koana Special Exhibition Report.
Enjoy and have fun !! Dr. Zyun Koana Special Exhibition

Komaba Museum
The University of Tokyo, 2009

Nikon Museum

Nikon Museum held a special exhibition entitled "Ultra-Micro-NIKKOR - a Genealogy of the World's Highest Resolution Lenses" from April 3 to June 30, 2018.
Enjoy and have fun !! Special Exhibition "Ultra-Micro-NIKKOR"

Nikon Museum 2018
Shinagawa Tokyo, 2018

Japanese Traditional Show

The red carpet and the gold screen are the stage equipment for a brilliant day in your life. Beautiful Ultra Micro lenses are delightfully lined up front of a red carpeted gold screen.

Traditional Red Carpet and Gold Folding Screen

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor Family


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