Nikon Wooden Film Holder
Nikon Wooden Film Holder

Nikon Wooden Film Holder

Nikon Wooden Film Holders

These rare items are the wooden film holders that Nippon Kogaku manufactured. I think that probably this image is the first publication also in the web site in the world. They are beautiful woodworking and craftworking like the old Martin guitar. The film holders are stored to a stout wooden box. There are many excellent wooden items to Nippon Kogaku.

Old Nikon Wooden Film Holder

Cast Iron and Wooden Harmony

Beautiful Wooden Film Holder

The Frame Size is 12 cm x 16.5 cm

Wooden Film Holder Collection

The Nikon Kenkyukai inspected the wooden film holder at Tokyo Meeting.

Nikon Wooden Film Holder Collection

Camera for Astrophotography

Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo visited the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) Mitaka Campus. These wooden film holders were used actually at an observatory.

The Carl Zeiss 65 cm Big Refractor Telescope

Camera for Astrophotography

Wooden Film Holder

How to Use the Nikon Wooden Film Holder

How to use the Nikon wooden film holder is explained below.

Nikon Profile Projector and Wooden Film Holder

A Film was Charged in a Camera

Get Set! Go!

Golden Era of Nikon Profile Projectors

Nikon produced a lot of Profile Projectors in 1960's.

1960's Grand Nikon Profile Projectors

Big Nikon Profile Projector H-40

Nikon Museum

Nikon Museum in Shinagawa, Tokyo. I saw the permanent exhibition corner of the Nikon profile projector. The Nikon profile projector model 6C was exhibited with a wooden film holder attached.

Nikon Museum

Nikon Profile Projector Model 6C

Nikon Profile Projector and Wooden Film Holder


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