Photographer Koda-san's Power Nikkor
Photographer Koda-san's Power Nikkor

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Big Sharp Digital Engine, Super PB-4 and EL Nikkor
Photo: Copyright (c) 2004, Seiji Koda, All Rights Reserved.

Big Sharp Digital Engine
PB-4 and EL Nikkor Commercial Revolution
Commercial Photographer Koda-san's Power Nikkor Operation

Commercial Photographer's Digital Operation

I would like to introduce Mr. Seiji Koda to you.
Koda-san is a commercial photographer live in Tokushima city, Japan.
His work is a commercial, an advertisement and a serious photograph.
However he is a nice collector with the world camera equipment and lenses.
Also, he is exploring the deep sea of high resolution lenses.
Of course he is not only a collector but also a professional photographer.

He is always taking a picture with a large-scale camera like CAMBO 4X5 SCN2 system.
However, he is studying the possibility of work with a digital SLR camera.
I introduce the result of his study as follows.

Special Nikon PB4 Bellows and EL Nikkor

Koda-san developed his Bellows system based on a large-scale camera CAMBO 4X5 SCN2.
In a left picture, the bellows has been removed.
You might understand the EL Nikkor is put behind the lens boad.
This is the first model of him for a prototype.
This CAMBO system enabled taking a picture with the digital SLR camera.
However, it is too large and heavy.

Photo: Copyright (c) Seiji Koda

Next, he developed the bellows system by using Nikon PB-4.
It is a prototype of The Second.
The bellow is removed. To shorten the back focus, he put the lens unit behind a front lens mount.
The case with the lens unit is a tea strainer of the percolator!!!
a. Tea strainer of the percolator
b. Plastic plate

Photo: Copyright (c) Seiji Koda

You can get infinity at this position.
The shift and the tilt operation are also possible.
The system completes by adding an extension ring to the lens f-stop ring.

Photo: Copyright (c) Seiji Koda

It will be completed soon.
If the special bellow is installed in it, it is available.
The mounted lens is EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6.
In this system, swing shift and rise tilt are possible.

Photo: Copyright (c) Seiji Koda

A photo below shows a finished system. The PB-4 wears special bellows.

Super PB-4 and EL Nikkor, Japanese Tea Time
Photo: Copyright (c) Seiji Koda

Nice Picture with Super PB-4 and EL Nikkor

Please appreciate the following photos taken by EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6 lens.
They are beautiful in the natural color, and the out focus of background is also more beautiful.
This EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6 lens has strong energy.

Japanese Old Kawara Roof by EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6
Photo: Copyright (c) 2004, Seiji Koda, All Rights Reserved.

Japanese Tea Room by EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6
Photo: Copyright (c) 2004, Seiji Koda, All Rights Reserved.

Small Full Bellows and EL Nikkor

And, he finally completed the last prototype.
His hope are small size, light weight, low cost, high performance and easy operation.
The base of this system is an old bellows of Asahi Pentax.
The small size and light weight are important for him.
A hinge which can be easily obtained is important parts.

Photo: Copyright (c) Seiji Koda

Besides, necessary parts are the step-up rings, the springs, the screws, and nuts.
When these parts are assembled, the system like a left picture is perfectible.
It is possible to take a picture of a landscape far from infinity with this system mounted EL Nikkor 75mm F4.
It is possible to operate swing and tilt by the infinity.

Photo: Copyright (c) Seiji Koda

Please appreciate the following photos taken by EL Nikkor 75mm F4 lens and small full bellows outfit.
The photos are Yuzu which is an old fruit of Japan. Because it is a nice flavor, used for Japanese dishes.
They are beautiful in the natural color, and the super sharp work.
This EL Nikkor 75mm F4 lens has big power although she is small.
If you mount this lens on to your Nikon, you will get the high quality photos taken with the large format camera like an 8 X 10.

Japanese Yuzu Fruits by EL Nikkor 75mm F4
Photo: Copyright (c) 2004, Seiji Koda, All Rights Reserved.

Koda-san's Professional Work

A big poster below is professional work of Seiji Koda-san.
Mantis's macro photograph was taken by Wollensak 3"(75mm)f/1.9 OSCILLO RAPTAR 1:0.5X with bellows.
This mantis is his family. He is breeding the mantis!!!
This poster was produced for the symposium concerning a beautiful forest and the sea.
He is a photographer who loves nature.

Seiji Koda's Serious Work Big Commercial Poster
Photo: Copyright (c) 2004, Seiji Koda, All Rights Reserved.
Publishing permission of poster

Special Thanks to Mr. Seiji Koda

Photo Images : Mr. Seiji Koda, Japan


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