Fujimoto Bros. Fax Ortho Nikkor 400mm F5.6 Daimajin
Fujimoto Bros. Fax Ortho Nikkor 400mm F5.6 Daimajin

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The Fax Ortho Nikkor 400mm F5.6 Daimajin
Photo: Copyright (c) 2006, Fujimoto Bros., All Rights Reserved.

From Germany

Dr. Klaus D. Schmitt living in Germany is my friend.
As you know he is a great collector with the world highend macro lenses. Also, he is exploring the deep sea of super high resolution Nikkor lenses.
If you visit his cool website, The Macro Lens Collection Database, you will understand his great life work.

I received an e-mail from Klaus-san.
He said that he would hope to sell someone his great lens collection.
The lens was a Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6 Daimajin.
It is very difficult to take a photograph with the super big lens.
So, I introduced Fujimoto brothers to Klaus-san.
Because Fujimoto brothers are famous photographer in Japan which takes a picture with the special and rare lenses.

After a while, Fujimoto brothers in Japan received the Daimajin lens from Klaus-san in Germany by express air mail.

The Fax Ortho Nikkor 400mm F5.6 Daimajin
Photo: Copyright (c) 2006, Dr Klaus D. Schmitt, Germany, All Rights Reserved

Daimajin Revived

The Daimajin is a monster but a movie star of Japan in 1960's.
Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6 Daimajin, the Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR is the lens for the production of a big ship.
Please browse to here for details.

To mount the lens to the camera, Fujimoto ordered the lens board.
Fujimoto-san ordered a special Daimajin board to mount the lens to the Sinar-S view camera.

Very big screw mount

Sinar Daimajin mount

Nippon Kogaku meets the Jinar

Mounted Sinar Dimajin

Lens board and Sinar

Swiss Sinar and Japanese Daimajin

How to mount the Daimajin to Sinar

Let's learn to Fujimoto-san how to mount the Daimajin to Sinar system.
The most important thing is a big tripod.
And, you should be more powerful than a elephant.
Fujimoto brothers came to be able to prepare the Daimajin and Sinar system in a few minutes.
A large Sinar camera looks like a Nikon SLR camera with bellows.
It's a very fantastic machine!

A big tripod is necessary for the Sinar system

You should carefully fix the Sinar camera

Check that camera fixed and wake up the Daimajin

You should carefully mount the Daimajin to Sinar

The big Daimajin is supported by special stand

Please look! His wonderful super operation

Visiting Kyoto with Sinar Daimajin

Fujimoto brothers took the photograph in Kyoto with a big lens and big camera.
They visited the KITANO TENMAN-GU shrine in Kyoto to meet the Ume/Japanese apricot tree. Ume flower have been in blossom there for 1000 years or more.
They took a lot of photos by Sinar system and Pentax 67 camera. They enjoyed a very hard work shop of fine art.

Big Daimajin visited KITANO TENMAN-GU

Close-up photo with long bellows Sinar

Pentax 67 and Sinar Daimajin

Daimajin's Eye

Please look at "Ume/Japanese apricot" with the Sinar 4X5 and Daimajin.
You can see a fantastic photo of Kyoto in early sprig season.

Photo 1. Ume/Japanese apricot at KITANO TENMAN-GU (Sinar 4X5)
Photo: (c) Fujimoto Bros.

Photo 2. Japanese old beautiful air (Pentax 67)
Photo: (c) Fujimoto Bros.

Photo 3. Big close-up with Daimajin (Pentax 67)
Photo: (c) Fujimoto Bros.

Sakura shower at Kimii-dera, Wakayama

Fujimoto brothers took the photograph in Wakayama prefecture with the Sinar Dimajin.
They appreciated the sakura cherry blossoms in Kimii-dera Temple in Wakayama Japan.
The Kimii-dera Temple was established in AD 770. They saw the imaginary light 1236 years ago there.
Please look at "Silent sakura shower" with the Sinar 4X5 and Daimajin.

Photo 4. Sakura shower at Kimii-dera, Wakayama (Sinar 4X5)
Photo: Copyright (c) 2006, Fujimoto Bros., All Rights Reserved.

Kraus-san's Message

The following message arrived from Klaus-san for the Fujimoto's Daimajin project.
Thank you Kraus-san.

Dear Akiyama-san,
My lens-friend, I am VERY happy to hear that you are doing fine!!
You set up such a beautiful page for your friend Fujimoto-san and his new beautiful Fax-Ortho-Nikkor!!
I am very happy that this beautiful lens is back where is has seen the light of the day for the first time and I am very sure it enjoyed taking these beautiful pictures of the blossoming cherries in spring this year!!
I wish I could have been there!!!

Dear Fujimoto-san,
I am very happy that this Fax-Ortho-Nikkor 400mm found its way back to where it once for the first time seen the red morning sun in beautiful Japan, smelled the morning wind which brought the fresh scent from the snowy fields of Mount Fuji and the salty taste of the sea.
You must be such and enthusiast of high resolution Nikkor lenses and I know for sure your lenses will glow with inner light feeling how much you appreciate them!

All my best,
Dr Klaus Schmitt

Daimajin Revived

This big lens had slept up to now.
However, the life of the lens revived by Fujimoto brothers.
The Daimajin Revived.

I know a pride high, huge lens which revives to this world.

Special thanks to Dr. Klaus D. Schmitt, Germany
Special thanks to Fujimoto brothers, Japan
Photo Images : Fujimoto brothers, Japan


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