Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6 Huge Daimajin
Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6 Huge Daimajin

Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6 Huge Daimajin

The Huge Daimajin Shipbuilding Lens
Big Dreaming Nippon Kogaku Sakura Party
Super High End Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6

Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6

One of the more exotic and rare lenses for the Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR series.
The Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR consisted of six elements set in a heavy weight and black painted super fat barrel.

Do you know the usage of this lens?
The Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR is the lens for the production of a big ship.
Shipbuilding engineer needs to cut the steel board in accordance with the designed pattern.
The engineer projects a small pattern (40 cm x 40 cm) with the Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR on the steel board largely (400 cm x 400 cm) and cut the steel board.
Therefore, the lens is highly efficient and a Distortion is 0.00%!!!

The rim of the lens is engraved as "Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 1:5.6 f=400mm Nippon Kogaku Japan" with white painted character.
Nippon Kogaku is sign of the high-end perfomance and taciturn engineer spirit.
Weight is 3,850 grams.
We called Huge Daimajin. The Daimajin is a monster of 5 meters tall and was a star of the Japanese film in the 1960s.

There are the following 3 kinds of lenses in Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR.

- Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 250mm F5.6 (Weight 900 g)
- Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6 (Weight 3,850 g)
- Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 500mm F5.6 (Weight 6,000 g)

You can see very beautiful and gorgeous full body of the great lens.
And, You can make the fantastic legend with this lens.

Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6 Excellent Large Scale Lens


Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6

Focal length :  400 mm
Max. aperture :  f/5.6
Min. aperture :  f/45
Lens construction :  6 elements in 4 groups
Standard magnification :  10X
Picture angle :  54°
Vignettings :  0% (at F8)
Standard wavelength :  350 nm - 700 nm
Distortion :  0.00%
Image area :  3,200 mm x 3,200 mm (4,525 mm⌀)
Subject area :  320 mm x 320 mm (452.5 mm⌀)
Overall working distance :  4,840 mm
Filter size : d=132 mm P=1
Mount :  Screw d=140 mm p=1.5 mm
Lens adapter plate o.d. :  188 mm
Weight :  3,850 g
Price :  528,000 Japanese YEN (1969)
Price :  650,000 Japanese YEN (1974)
Price :  650,000 Japanese YEN (1977)

Lens Costruction

Lens Costruction

Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6 Huge Daimajin, Under the Sakura Sky


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