Dr. Zyun Koana Special Exhibition 4
Dr. Zyun Koana Special Exhibition 4

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Dr. Koana's Lens Collection

These are Dr. Koana's lens collections.
This collection was open to the public for the first time.
Michio Akiyama was very interested in this collection.

Dr. Koana's Lens Super Collection

Dr. Koana loved lenses.
He had a lot of unusual experimental lenses and old vintage lenses.
Do you know all lenses?
Please enjoy the super excellent lens collection!!

Microscope Objectives and View Camera Lenses
and Nikkor 13.5cm F4 No. 61187

D=80 F=400 No. 5 Lens is for Telescope

Nippon-Kogaku No. 1, No. 3, No. 6 and No. 7

Nikkor-O 50mm F1.0 No. 192302 and Nikkor-O 50mm F1.0 No. 192303

Nikkor-O 50mm F1.0 and Ortho-Nikkor 18cm F4.5

Ortho-Nikkor 18cm F4.5 Nr. 18012

Aero Nikkor 50cm F4.8 No. 50023
Showa 7 (1932)

Apo-Nikkor 15cm F9 No. 1782, Apo-Nikkor 30cm F9 No. 3104
and FUJINON-M 7.7cm F8 7755

Micro-NIKKOR 7cm F5 No. 7507, Micro-NIKKOR 7cm F5 No. 8160
and Nikkor 21cm F4.5 Nr. 21050

Ultra-Micro-NIKKOR 28mm F1.8 No. 281846

FUJINON SUPER MICRO 26mm F1.4 No. 330003

EL-Nikkor Lenses from the 1960's to the 1980's

R-NIKKOR C 6.3cm F4 No. 423002
Super Very Rare Repro (R) Nikkor 6.3cm

Cine Nikkor Lenses

Nikkor 12cm F4.5 No. 3193

Very Old RMS Mount Carl Zeiss Jena Planar 3.5cm F4.5
Left lens is 1930's Planar, Right lens is 1909 or 1910's Planar

FUJINON SUPER MICRO 26mm F1.4 No. 330003
Very Rare Lens in Fujinon Lenses

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