Dr. Zyun Koana Special Exhibition 1
Dr. Zyun Koana Special Exhibition 1

The University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus

Komaba Museum

Summer of the Komaba campus of the University of Tokyo.
The Komaba Museum located in the campus of the university.

Komaba Museum Special Exhibition

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Start as a Scientist

Zyun Koana was born in December 2nd Meiji 40 (1907) Tokyo.
He went on to the Tokyo Imperial University Department of Science. He studied physics.
Afterwards, he went on to the Tokyo Imperial University Graduate School.
Koana came to help the research of Dr. Tsutomu Tanaka.
He came to be interested in optical instruments by this research.
He had gone on the big expedition to Losop Island (1934), Hokkaido Japan (1936, 1937), Taiwan (1940), and China (1941) to observe the eclipse.

Dr. Koana and the Observation of Solar Eclipse

The Eclipse Expedition to Losop Island
Tokyo Imperial University, December 26 Showa 8 (1933)

Koana and Children in Losop Island, Showa 9 (1934)

The following excellent astronomers and physics scientists went on big expedition to the eclipse observation to the Losop island.

- Tokyo Imperial University
- Kyoto Imperial University
- Tokyo Astronomical Observatory
- Naval Technical Research Department
- Electrotechnical Laboratory, Ministry of Communications
- American eclipse observation team
- Shanghai Natural Science Laboratory

The Imperial Japanese Navy battlecruiser Kasuga supported transportation to the round trip of Japan and Losop island.
Observing the eclipse of February 14, Showa 9 (1934) was a great success.

Koana and the Lunar Eclipse Observation Equipment
January 8 Showa 11 (1936)

Lunar Eclipse Observation, January 8 Showa 11 (1936)

Solar Eclipse Observation and Aero-Nikkor 700mm F5

This Koana's illustrated sketch is Aero-Nikkor 700mm F5 .
"16.1.14" means that the sketch was drawn in January 14, Syowa 16 (1941).
Koana used this Aero-Nikkor 700mm F5 lens to observe the eclipse.

Aero-Nikkor 700mm F5, January 14 Showa 16 (1941)

Spectrum Portrait, Hokkaido Japan, Showa 11 (1936)

Spectrum Portrait, China, Showa 16 (1941)

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