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Special Report

Dec. 2013    Nikon Df and 58mm F1.4 Grand Celebration Special
Oct. 2011    Meets the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Aug. 2011    The Nikon Kenkyukai 30th Anniversary Super Meeting in Nikon
Dec. 2010    A Super Tokyo Session 2010 with Nikon Goto Laboratory
Dec. 2009    A Super Tokyo Session with Nikon Goto Laboratory
Sep. 2008    Photokina 2008 Cool Report from Germany
Jly. 2008     Mr. Shoichiro Yoshida and Mr. Hiroki Kosai Great Meeting
Sep. 2007    Nikon Digital Live 2007, Tokyo Show
Jly. 2007     The 7th Ginza Classic and Used Camera Fair 2007

Feb. 2007    Meets the president of Sendai Nikon
Feb. 2007    Matsuya Rooftop Meeting
Feb. 2006    Super Saturday MATSUYA SHOW
Dec. 2005    Kenji Toyoda's Super Live, JCII Camera Museum
Feb. 2005    Bill Kraus Occupied Nikon Ohi, Tokyo Meeting
Feb. 2005    NHS Members Attacked Matsuya Show
Feb. 2005    A memorial service for Mr. Takateru Koakimoto
Jan. 2005    Nikon SP LIMITED EDITION
Oct. 2004    A memorial service for Mr. Shigetada Fukuoka
Sep. 2004    Nikon Digital Archives Super Collaboration

Monthly Meeting Report

2014 Meeting

Mar. 2014    Five Freshmen Join the Nikon Kenkyukai, Nikon F to F3
Apr. 2014    Open Forum Ginza Tokyo Meeting, Syu Akayama Talk Show
May 2014    Cool Doll Photo Seccion, Triplet Lens and High Speed Lens

2013 Meeting

Dec. 2013    Nikon Df and 58mm F1.4 Grand Celebration

2012 Meeting

Jun. 2012    Super Vintage NIKKO Grand Big Binoculars Show

2011 Meeting

Jan. 2011    Phantom Kasyapa, News Movie Camera, F6400 Vintage Nikon F
Feb. 2011    F Cloth Curtain Sound, Nikon Motor Show, ASAHICAMERA
Mar. 2011    Meeting has been canceled by the 3.11 Big Earthquake in Japan
Apr. 2011    Liaison Meeting, Ganbaro Japan!
May 2011    Ge Nikkor and Grand Vintage NIKKO Super Deep Saturday
Jun. 2011    Electric power saving in Tokyo summer
Aug. 2011    The Nikon Kenkyukai 30th Anniversary Super Meeting in Nikon
Oct. 2011    Meets the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

2010 Meeting

Jan. 2010    Sho Sakurai and his Nikon F4, 28 Special, Seiki Kogaku
Feb. 2010    NHS and Kenkyukai's Tokyo Meeting, Motor Drive Cameras
Mar. 2010    Very Swell and Super Great Nikkorex F Story, 85 Special
Apr. 2010    Nikkorek 2rd, Saburo Sakai and Rei-Sen (Mitsubishi Zero)
May 2010    Nikon F2, 35 Special, Robert Capa and Larry Burrows
Jun. 2010    Nikon Sales Manuals Special, The 43-86 (Zoom Nikkor 43-86mm)
Jul. 2010     Summer is NIKONOS and Nikomat, Alfred Eisenstaedt
Aug. 2010    Summer Place Takashimaya Show, Very Vintage Cameras
Sep. 2010    Historical Nikon Users, Nikon in Movie, Marilyn Monroe in Japan
Oct. 2010    Historical Study of Big Binocular Telescope in the Showa Era
Nov. 2010    Field Workshop, Special Exhibition "Itabashi and Optics"
Dec. 2010    A Super Tokyo Session 2010 with Nikon Goto Laboratory

2009 Meeting

Mar. 2009    Regno Nikkor 10cm F1.5 and Roentgen Lens Special
Apr. 2009    Old but Great C-Mount Cine Nikkor Special
May 2009    Encyclopaedia of Micro Nikkor Lenses Vintage Specialties
Jun. 2009    The 50th Anniversary of its Legendary Grand Nikon F System
Jul. 2009     Apollo 40th Anniversary Special and Olympus E-P1 with Nikkor
Aug. 2009    Shinjuku Takashimaya Camera Show Field Workshop
Sep. 2009    Dr. Zyun Koana's Special Exhibition and Luncheon Party
Oct. 2009    Dr. Zyun Koana's Supprise Collection
Nov. 2009    Mountain Nikkor and 105 Collection
Dec. 2009    A Super Tokyo Session with Nikon Goto Laboratory

2008 Meeting

Jan. 2008    David Douglas Duncan and His Great Work, Nikkor 8.5cm F2
Feb. 2008    NHS and Nikon Kenkyukai TOKYO MEETING in Ginza
Jun. 2008    Very Whopping Zoom-Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm Special
Jul. 2008     Nikon F diopter & focusing screen tester, Talk about Nikon
Aug. 2008    Macro Nikkor 19mm F2.8 Lens, Nikon F2 Early Model
Sep. 2008    Hermes 5.5cm F3.5 and EL Nikkor, Nikon F2 Titan Camera
Dec. 2008    Kenkyukai Meets Mr. Tetsuro Goto, Operating Officer of Nikon

2007 Meeting

Feb. 2007    The Kenkyukai Meeting with NHS Members
Jun. 2007    A History of Japanese Camera Technology
Aug. 2007    708 Nikkor 5cm F2 and 707 EL Nikkor 5cm
Sep. 2007    Profile Projector Lenses, Photomic and Mikami Speed Magny
Oct. 2007    Historical Nikon 91cm Astronomical Photographic Reflector
Nov. 2007    KWANON Kashapa Special, How tou use the Ultra Micro Nikkor
Dec. 2007    Best Buy 2007 & Bonenkai Party at Ginza

2006 Meeting

Jan. 2006    Hans Braakhuis's special lecture, Nikon S3 and S3M
Feb. 2006    Nikon Kenkyukai Matsuya meeting, Zeiss Ikon and Zeiss Nikon
Mar. 2006    3 inch telescope, Hoei Nojiri and LONG TOM and Yoshi Nagai
Apr. 2006    Fuchu meeting, Beer Brewery tour
May 2006    Hansa Canon and old Nikkor lenses, Nikon I Leather Case
Jun. 2006    Nikkor ED 1200mm, Fujii Brothers's Very Vintage Binoculars
Jul. 2006     TOCHIGI UV 105mm and UV Nikkor, Super Vintage Mikron
Aug. 2006    Big Fisheye Nikkor and ORION and ED Nikkor F2 PRESS
Sep. 2006    Nikkor-S 5cm F2, EL Nikkor Lenses and Vintage Small Binoculars
Nov. 2006    Dr. Manabu Nakai Special Study Nikon I Deep Reserch

2005 Meeting

Jan. 2005    Reflex 1000mm F6.3, S 2.8Cm F3.5, Nikon F Reserch
Feb. 2005    Field Workshop in Kamakura
Mar. 2005    S Nikkor 8.5cm F1.5 Special, Nikon S Motor Show
Apr. 2005    Field Workshop at Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectual Museum
May 2005    Ultra Micro Nikkor, Nikon F High Speed Motor Drive Camera
Jun. 2005    5cm F1.5, SAPPORO 300mm F5.6, DODAIRA Nikon 91cm
Jul. 2005     Nippon Kogaku Memorial Items, Nikon 35mm Film Transmitter
Aug. 2005    Optical Weapons, Nikon Digital Classic, Kogaku Seiki Nippon
Sep. 2005    Nikon M, MS, S and NKK Transit Theodolite collection
Oct. 2005    Field Workshop in Yokosuka
Nov. 2005    Nikon S2 and Fujii's Binoculars
Dec. 2005    Nikon SP, Kenji Toyoda's Super Live, Nikkor-WHITE 35mm F3.5

2004 Meeting

Jun. 2004    S Nikkor 3.5cm F3.5 Special
Jul. 2004     S Nikkor 13.5cm F4 & F3.5 Special
Aug. 2004    S Nikkor 8.5cm F2 Special
Sep. 2004    S Nikkor 5cm F1.1 Special
Oct. 2004    Taishakuten, Shibamata, Field Workshop
Nov. 2004    S 5cm F2 Collapsible, Medical Nikkor, Tochigi 300mm
Dec. 2004    Nikon F Reserch, S 2.5cm F4, Nikon I Special Show

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