EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A    Chapter 1

EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A

Lens History

It was in 2007. I bought three APO Nikkor lenses from a Japanese photoengraving specialist. They were APO Nikkor 890mm F11, 610mm F9, and 420mm F9. The big cardboard box I received contained three APO Nikkor lenses, some APO Nikkor accessories, and EL Nikkor lens. This EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A lens was a small gift to me.


EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A

Focal length :  135 mm
Max. aperture :  f/5.6
Min. aperture :  f/45
Lens construction :  6 elements in 4 groups
Standard magnification :  5X
Range of magnification ratio :  2X - 10X
Picture angle :  53° (at 5X)
Correction wavelength range :  380 nm - 700 nm
Subject size :  160 mm⌀ (4 X 5 inch)
Filter size :  d=52 mm p=0.75 mm
Mount :  Leica L39 screw mount
Mount :  50mm⌀ P=0.75mm
Length :  47.5 mm
Diameter :  56 mm
Weight :  190 g
Actual weight :  180.5 g

Release date :  July 1st, 1983
Price :
  40,500 Japanese YEN (1983)
  40,500 Japanese YEN (1984)
  40,500 Japanese YEN (1985)
  40,500 Japanese YEN (1987)
  40,500 Japanese YEN (1993)
  40,500 Japanese YEN (1999)
  40,500 Japanese YEN (2003)
  40,500 Japanese YEN (2004)

EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A Lens Construction

Position of EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A

The 135mm photo enlarging lens was a necessary lens for many large format photographers. The EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A lens was good for them and reasonably priced. A total of 6 types of A-series EL Nikkor were sold. Please see the price at the time of 1987.

EL Nikkor A Series Price List

Source is from the Industrial Nikkor Lenses Price List (January 12th, 1987).
The price is Japanese YEN.

EL Nikkor Price (YEN) Film Formats
  135mm F5.6A 40,500    4x5 inch
  150mm F5.6A 59,000    4x5 inch
  180mm F5.6A 88,500    5x7 inch
  210mm F5.6A 104,000    5x7 inch
  240mm F5.6A 150,000    8x10 inch
  300mm F5.6A 195,000    10x12 inch

Modern A-series

The new A-series EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A was released on July 1st, 1983. The A series has a youthful and modern exterior design. However, the optical performance has been further improved.

EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A

Beautiful Front Lens

Really Amazing Lens

Lens Mount

As you can see from the Lens Construction drawing, the EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A is a standard Leica L39 screw mount thread. When used as a photography lens, it is very friendly and can be easily mounted on photography equipment.

Furthermore, if you screw off this mount, a 50mm⌀ P=0.75mm mount thread will appear. This gimmick is also included in the EL Nikkor 150mm F5.6A. The mount thread around here is probably the world for professional use.

EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A Lens Mount

How to enjoy the EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A

I attached a Nikon FTZ mount adapter to my Nikon Z camera. And I also attached the Nikon E2 ring and Nikon M2 ring and BORG M42 helicoid. In this condition, I mounted the EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A lens. It is possible to take a picture at infinity.

Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter

A long metal lens hood works very well. The following adapters were connected to the EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A lens to get very gorgeous and detailed images.

Nikon FTZ mount adapter
Nikon E2 ring
Nikon M2 ring
BORG M42 helicoid
EL Nikkor 135mm F5.6A
Nikon 52mm L37c Filter
Nikon Lens Hood HS-14

Non-Nikon Mount Adapter

Close-up Photography

If you want to take close-up shots, just insert one L39 intermediate ring. It's pretty easy. I'm using a Nikon EL Nikkor Extension ring.

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