EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6 Chapter 1
EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6    Chapter 1

EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6

Keio Department Store

I got this lens over 20 years ago. I bought it at a camera show held at the Keio department store in Shinjuku Tokyo in September 1999. Inside the lens box was a receipt for the Keio department store.

EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6


EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6

Focal length :  80 mm
Max. aperture :  f/5.6
Min. aperture :  f/45
Lens construction :  6 elements in 4 groups
Standard magnification :  5X
Range of magnification ratio :  2X - 15X
Picture angle :  57° 40′
Correction wavelength range :  380 nm - 700 nm
Vignetting :  0% at f/8
Distortion :  -0.035%
Subject size :  56 X 72 mm
Overall working distance :  576 mm
Filter size :  d=34.5 mm p=0.5 mm
Mount :  Leica L39 screw mount
Length :  34.5 mm
Diameter :  44.5 mm
Weight :  150 g
Actual weight :  148.0 g

Release date :  May 1966
Price :
  14,000 Japanese YEN (1966)
  14,000 Japanese YEN (1969)
  14,000 Japanese YEN (December 1973)
  17,100 Japanese YEN (June 1974)
  17,100 Japanese YEN (April 1976)
  19,400 Japanese YEN (July 1976)
  19,400 Japanese YEN (1977)
  19,400 Japanese YEN (1979)
  19,400 Japanese YEN (1980)

EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6 Lens Construction

Position of EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6

Compared to other lenses in the same focal length category, the EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6 was for advanced photographers.

EL Nikkor Price List

Source is from the Nikon Industrial Lenses Price List (December 21st, 1977).
The price is Japanese YEN.

EL Nikkor Price (YEN) Film Formats
  50mm F2.8 12,700    24 x 36 mm
  50mm F4 7,900    24 x 36 mm
  63mm F3.5 21,700    32 x 45 mm
  75mm F4 14,700    56 x 56 mm
  80mm F5.6 19,400    60 x 70 mm
  105mm F5.6 26,500    65 x 90 mm
  135mm F5.6 37,500    90 x 120 mm (4 x 5 inch)
  150mm F5.6 49,200    100 x 130 mm (4 x 5 inch)
  180mm F5.6 74,600    130 x 180 mm (5 x 7 inch)
  210mm F5.6 86,200    150 x 210 mm (5 x 7 inch)
  240mm F5.6 111,000    180 x 240 mm (8 x 10 inch)
  300mm F5.6 163,000    270 x 330 mm (10 x 12 inch)
  360mm F5.6 231,000    300 x 400 mm (11 x 14 inch)

Tadashi Takahashi

"NIKKOR Thousand and One Nights" is a popular series on the Nikon website. The 70th Tale featured the AI NIKKOR 300mm F4.5 S. When I read through the text written by Kouichi Ohshita, I found the following interesting explanation.

It was Tadashi Takahashi that accepted the challenge to improve the performance of this 300mm lens. Along with Wakimoto, Isshiki, and Higuchi, Takahashi was one of the pioneers of NIKKOR development. He participated in the design of many industrial NIKKOR lenses, as well as the original EL Nikkor 80mm f/5.6 introduced in Tale 64.

From this explanation, I understood that Mr. Tadashi Takahashi, an engineer of Nippon Kogaku designed the EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6 lens.

Sales Period

According to Nikon's corporate history, the EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6 lens was released in May 1966. Then when did it the sale end? I saw it listed in the Nikon price list dated June 15, 1980. According to the Nikon price list dated September 15, 1980, I saw the newly designed EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6N listed. Therefore, I estimate that the 80mm F5.6 was discontinued around late 1980.

How to enjoy the EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6

I attached an easily available mount adapter (M42 to Nikon Z) to my Nikon Z camera. And I also attached the BORG M42 helicoid. In this condition, I mounted the EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6 lens. It is possible to take a picture at infinity. If you want to take close-up shots, insert the L39 ring. I'm using the EL Nikkor EX ring.

EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6

EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6

The filter diameter is 34.5 mm. If you look for it as a genuine Nikon product, it is not in the current product. It will be a choice from the old Nikkor lenses from the 1950s to the early 1960s. I use accessories for the Mountain Nikkor 10.5cm F4.

EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6

A long metal lens hood works very well. The following adapters were connected to the EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6 lens to get very gorgeous and detailed images.

Mount adapter (M42 to Nikon Z)
BORG M42 helicoid
EL Nikkor 80mm F5.6
Special made 34.5mm to 40.5mm Step-up ring
MARUMI 40.5mm to 52mm Step-up ring
Nikon 52mm L37c Filter
Nikon Lens Hood HS-14

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