2005, Bill Kraus Occupied Nikon Oi
2005, Bill Kraus Occupied Nikon Oi

Bill Kraus-san and Mikio Itoh-san

February 25, 2005
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting

Nikon Oi Plant, Tokyo

Welcome Bill Kraus-san

Mr. Bill Kraus, a main member of the Nikon Historical Society (NHS), visited Japan to join the special Tokyo meeting with Mr. Mikio Itoh, Nikon Digital Archives.

February 25th 2005. At Nikon Corporation Oi Plant, Tokyo.
As you know, the September Meeting was happy and succeeded. This special collaboration project was also produced by Akihiko Suzuki.

Mikio Itoh-san of Nikon Digital Archives declared opening the special meeting. The purpose of the special meeting is to investigate the very early literature in the age when Nikon camera was introduced in the United States.

Bill Kraus-san is a super expert concerning the literature in the age when Nikon camera was born. He brought Japan a lot of valuable literature from the US. Those literature was scarce items which no one had seen. Nikon Digital Archives preserved his literature to the digital storage by computer scanning. Mikio Itoh-san showed the member the first Nikon brochure.

Bill Kraus-san shows his super collection

Mikio Itoh-san shows Nikon's the first brochure

Mikio-Itoh-san explained a Nikon I very old brochure

The first Nikon camera old brochure (c) Nikon Digital Archives, 2005

Revised Nikon I very old brochure (c) Nikon Digital Archives, 2005

Nikon I very old brochure (c) Nikon Digital Archives, 2005

Yuki Kawai-san and Bill-san

Very Early Literature

The member of Nikon Kenkyukai explained the advertisement of Nikon camera which appeared to an old camera magazine of Japan. You will be able to find the first Nikon and Nikon I. The books on red cover are Camera Almanac 1952, 1955 and 1959.

Nikon M brochures

Mikio Itoh-san studying Bill's collection

Old Japanese 'CAMERA' magazine 1

Old Japanese 'CAMERA' magazine 2

Old Red Book of 'Camera Almanac 1952, 1955, 1959'

Yuki Kawai-san appraising Bill-san's D-mount small Nikkor

From Bill Kraus's Super Collection

I would like to show a part of Bill Kraus's super great collection to you. This literature is company overview of Nippon Kogaku which makes for the United States market and was used actually in the United States. The title is "this is Nippon Kogaku K.K.". It is made from a high-quality print with superior paper. It is a beautiful artwork. The microscope and the astronomical telescope are all products of Nippon Kogaku.

this is Nippon Kogaku K.K.

Presidents of Nippon Kogaku

Life, New York Times and Nikon Camera

Nikon Microscopes

Nikon S and Accessaries

Nikkor lenses and beautiful photo, Cherry Dance of Kyoto

Astronomical Equipment

Nice Meeting

Bill-san always has Rotoloni's Nikon book in his bag. A lot of celebrities autograph in his book. There is a Japanese autograph by Kanji character. It is a Nikon former president, Shigetada Fukuoka . The member of Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo also signed in his book.

Bill-san's Autograph Book

The following is Bill Kraus's message for you.
A very important week to come to Tokyo. The Matsuya old camera show was good to many Nikon historians. The chance to see the new black SP 0001 with 35mm f1.8 lens 0001 at JCII was a landmark; And, most important of all, the meeting organized by Mr. Itoh -"Occupied"- by 12 members to study models I, M and S through early literature. It was honored to attend.

Bill Kraus and Mikio Itoh and Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo

The collaboration with a Nikon digital archives ended significant and happily.
We wish to express our gratitude to Mikio Itoh-san and a secretary of Nikon who did the work of the digital scanning input.
Bill Kraus-san from the US who brought a lot of valuable material, Thank you big much.

Special thanks to;
Nikon Corporation Oi Plant
Nikon Digital Archives
Mr. Bill Kraus/The Nikon Historical Society (NHS)

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