Shigetada Fukuoka
Shigetada Fukuoka

October 27, 2004
Mr. Motor Drives
Spirit of Nippon Kogaku

A memorial service for Mr. Shigetada Fukuoka

A memorial service for Mr. Shigetada Fukuoka, former president of Nippon Kogaku was held on 27 October 2004 at Tokyo Kaikan.
He was 86 when he passed away on 7 September 2004.
As you know he is the man who decided to promote the motor drive for Nikon S2, among his other achievements.

He was a very special person. We will all miss him.
He has moved on to a better place.
Let him rest in peace.

Tokyo station

Tokyo Kaikan, Marunouchi

Tokyo Kaikan, Entrance

Registration, Rose room

Mr. Shigetada Fukuoka

Mr. Motor drive, Fukuoka-san


Memorial Card

Ryu Koakimoto, Tad Sato, Katsuharu Takashima, Akihiko Suzuki and Michio AKiyama of the member of Nikon Kenkyukai were attended.

Thank you Mr. Shigetada Fukuoka.
Thank you Fukuoka-san.

Mr. Fukuoka's Memorial Card

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