September 2004, Nikon Kenkyukai, Special Meeting Report
September 2004, Nikon Kenkyukai, Special Meeting Report

Nikon Digital Archives Super Collaboration

September 17, 2004
Nikon Digital Archives
Super Collaboration

Meeting was held at Nikon Ohi plant in Tokyo

Collaboration with Nikon Digital Archives

The Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo started a collaboration with Nikon Digital Archives to expand historical information.
The first meeting of Digital Archives and the Nikon Kenkyukai was held in NIKON corporation Ohi plant in Tokyo on September 17, 2004.
Yes, September 17, 2004.

Mikio Itoh-san of an archivist of Nikon Digital Archives, Kenichi Magariyama-san of public relations office of Nikon corporation, and Koichi Ohno-san of an optical design specialist of development headquarters of Nikon attended the meeting.

Akihiko Suzuki-san had arranged the meeting, and eight members of the Nikon Kenkyukai attended the special meeting.

From the left, Kenichi Magariyama-san, Koichi Ohno-san and Mikio Itoh-san

Kenichi Magariyama-san showed us something camera....

Nikon F6

"Press announced just yesterday..."
Magariyama-san took out a camera from white carton.
It was Nikon F6 !!
It was a new camera announced on September 16 yesterday !!
The member of Kenkyukai was surprised for a new camera to have been introduced suddenly.
Yes, the day is September 17, 2004.

Moreover, the F6 was not a production model but a prototype and the original special white carton.
The new F6 machine has strong magnesium-alloy body and precision engine.
All member of Kenkyukai fell in love with new F6 machine.

A Nikon F6 prototype and original white carton

Prototype production number is Nikon P930045

The new F machine has strong magnesium-alloy body and precision engine

Rare Nikon platinum paper

The member of the Kenkyukai showed their collections to Nikon people.
We investigated instruction manual of Nikon I, Nikon M, and Nikon S.
They are platinum paper of old Nikon.
The photo images of the instruction manuals were taken by a digital camera.
When you compare even in the similar cover, there is a little difference.

Rare paper collections gathered on the table

A collection of Nikon Digital Archives

It is different though it is similar (Kenkyukai)

A beautiful lady is taking a picture by Nikon I (Kenkyukai)

The lens appeared in the instruction manual is here (Kenkyukai)

Great Collection

It is more difficult to find the old instruction manual and brochure than to collect cameras.
A little energy and luck are necessary to collect them.
However, if you have passion, it is possible.
The platinum paper is stored in their files.

Many rare manuals and brochures are stored in the file of a member

Very nice brochures of Nikkor lens and Nikon S2 (Kenkyukai)

The color is different in a Japanese and an English version (Kenkyukai)

Nikon price list by Hinomaruya (Kenkyukai)

Small, lovely instruction manuals (Kenkyukai)

It was a nice meeting

We were able to refer to a lot of instruction manuals of Nikon I.
Of course, we were able to see a lot of material of Nikon M and Nikon S.
It was wonderful time.
The Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo is going to cooperate with Nikon Digital Archives in researching historical information of old Nikon cameras from now on.
Thank you very much for Magariyama-san, Ohno-san and Itoh-san.
Thank you NIKON corporation Ohi plant.

Itoh-san, thank you very much

Special thanks to;
Nikon Corporation Ohi Plant
Nikon Digital Archives

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