January 2010, Nikon Kenkyukai 1
January 2010, Nikon Kenkyukai     1

Ginza 8-chome

From Ginza 8-chome to Ginza 1-chome

It was a fine winter day in January. I walked from Ginza 8-chome to Ginza 1-chome. The town on the next of Ginza 1-chome is Kyobashi. The Tokyo meeting January was held in Kyobashi town.

Ginza 8-chome Street, Tokyo

Lots of People

The Fukuya Book Shop

Blue Hair in Ginza

Japanese Kawaii Girls

Ginza 8-chome Street

From Ginza 7-chome to Ginza 3-chome

Ginza 7-chome Street

Japanese Girls Festival

Winter Shadow in Ginza 6-chome

Hattori's Clock Tower (WAKO Shop, Ginza)

The sky of Ginza on a sunny winter day

WAKO Window Display

Matsuya Department Store

From BVLGARI to Kyobashi


Cartier, Ginza



Meidi-Ya Buillding

Kyobashi Town, Tokyo

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