The Tokyo Grand Meeting
The Tokyo Grand Meeting

Cocktail Party

All the presentation's program is over and it's a fun cocktail party time.

Casual Dinner with Nikon Friends

Beer Party

Very Nice Dishes

Happy Weekend Night

Fresh Seafood Salad

Microscopic Evening

Participants at the meeting drank wine and beer while studying the microscope.
Yes. One of the themes of today's meeting is the "Microscopic Evening".

Microscopic Evening in Tokyo

Microscopic Evening with Wine and Beer

Extremely High-performance Microscopes

All Nikon 40 x Objective Lenses

Mineral and Macro Lens Table

Nikon PB-4 Bellows Fun

Nikon M Plan 1 x

Mineral and Macro Lens Group

People Gathering at the Party

A Very Fun Meeting

Microscopes Experts

Wonderful Microscope Slides Preparation

The Nikon FM Convoy

Nikon FM and Nikon FE2

8 x 10 Large Format Film Photography

Vintage Monocular Specialist

Very Nice Casual Meeting

The Grand Nikon Microscopes

Please look at the microscopes of scholars and researchers specialized in natural science and medicine.

Great Nikon APOPHOT Microscope

Microscope lovers around the world are longing for Nikon APOPHOT microscope.
The price of this microscope was 5,580,500 Japanese YEN when it was model E type as of December 1973. In current monetary value of Japan it is over 20 million Japanese YEN.

Gorgeous Nikon SFR-Ke Microscope

Click on the image to view it in large size. Please take a look at the precise beauty of the objective lenses.

Nikon Field Microscope Model H

The Party is Not Over

Many Nikon Collections

Hideto Sasaki and Chotoku Tanaka

You Can Try These Nikon Cameras

Famous Photograper Chotoku Tanaka and Motoyuki Kobayashi

Beautiful Vintage Optical Equipments

Chotoku Tanaka and Michio Akiyama

A Wonderful Night with Wine and Beer and Nikon

Akihiko Suzuki and Hideto Sasaki, Nippon Camera Editor-in-chief

Astronomical Telescope Experts

Old Medical Nikkor

The Party is Not Over

A Night After the Party

A very fun party was over at last. You made my day!
let's meet again.

Great Group Photo

Hotel Lobby


A Night After the Party

Isetan Shinjuku Department Store

Goodbye Shinjyuku, Tokyo

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