The Tokyo Grand Meeting
The Tokyo Grand Meeting

The Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo (Chairman Ryu Koakimoto) held a big convention and cocktail party on Saturday, December 8th, 2018.
Many guests gathered at the Tokyo Business Hotel in Shinjuku.

Welcome to the Nikon Kenkyukai

Tokyo in winter was sunny. The temperature is not cold.
Glass showcase and collection tables were set up in the conference room.

Welcome to the Nikon Kenkyukai !!

Special Display Glass showcase

Official Photograper

Special Exhibition

There are many precious collections in the glass case. There are Nikon F Hight Speed Motor Drive Camera, Nikon S3M, Nikon M and Nikon F cloth curtain shutter Cameras.

Very Rare Exhibits

Nikon F Hight Speed Motor Drive Camera Outfit

Nikon S3M, Nikon M and Nikon F cloth curtain shutter Cameras

Very Vintage Historical Nikon F

Nikon F with Cloth Shutter Curtain

Main Collection Table

There were lots of Nikon collections on the big table. All the participants were free to try out those Nikon collections.

Nikon Collection

Nikon Quiz Grand Prix 2017 and 2018 Winner

Nippon Kogaku Optical Equipment

Very Old Scaled Metal Plate

Nikon Speed Light Outfit

Very Rare Original Package

Nikon Original Boxes

Nikon Repeating Flash Unit

Telephoto Zoom and Nikon F36 Motor Drives

Black Nikon and Space Model ?


Which is Your Favorite Nikon

Fisheye Nikkor 6mm F5.6 and OP10mm F5.6, Nikon F Hand Fundus Camera, Nikon Frash Unit, Nikon F3 LAPITA Memorial Edition, Nikon F2 Titanium camera, and and and.

Fisheye Nikkor 6mm F5.6 and OP10mm F5.6

Nikon F Hand Fundus Camera

Nikon Frash Unit

Just Fit Nikon Case

Old Nikon Monocular Collection

Nikon F3 with Emerald Green Line

Nikon F3 LAPITA Memorial Edition

Nikon F2 Titanium with Owner Name

Nikon Aficionados

Many Nikon fans and Nikon lovers and Nikon aficionados and Nikon enthusiasts gathered at the Tokyo Meeting.

Nikon Aficionados

Fun Time

Very Nice Nikon Meeting

Binocular Experts

Mineral and Macro Lens and Microscope People

Some guests showed us mineral and macro lenses. Some guests showed us a wonderful microscopes. They were all very nice collections.

Mineral and Macro Lens Aficionados

Bellows Macro People

Macro Lens Meeting

Installation of a Nikon Large Microscope

All Nikon 40 x Objective lenses

Nikon Microscope Meeting

Famous Novelist Sanaka Hiiragi

Beautiful Nikon Apophot

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