August 2008, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report
August 2008, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report

Ginza August Street 2008 Summer

August 16, 2008
Nikon Kenkyukai
Tokyo Meeting
Summer Study in Ginza

Parasol in Ginza

There is no high building in Ginza.
Therefore, a parasol is necessary for the woman. A parasol passes in front of the Nikon House.
The Tokyo meeting was held in Ginza in August.

Tokyo Meeting in August 2008 Ginza Tokyo

Macro Nikkor 19mm F2.8 Lens

The smallest size in the Nikkor lenses manufactured to mount the Nikon F camera is Macro Nikkor 19mm F2.8 lens.
You will be able to take a great science photograph with this super lens.

Beautiful Black Painted Macro Nikkor 19mm F2.8 Lenses

Direct Mounting of Macro Nikkor 19mm F2.8

Nikon F2 Early Model

The Nikon F2 ealy model has some features.
Please compare it with your Nikon F2 camera. Can you find the difference?

Nikon F2 Early Model

Film Rewinding Crank with Rigid Knob

Member discussing about their summer homework

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