Nikon Kenkyukai celebrated the Nikon 100th anniversary"
Nikon Kenkyukai celebrated the Nikon 100th anniversary

Nikon 100th Anniversary Special
The Monster Telephoto Nikkor Lenses and
Grand Big Binoculars Show

Harumi, Tokyo, Summer

July 15, 2017.
Tokyo metropolitan area of Saturday. It was sunny day.
The Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo held a special meeting to celebrate Nikon's 100th birthday.
The place is Harumi of Tokyo. It is near Tokyo Bay.

Kachidoki Station, Tokyo

Tokyo Waterfront

Harumi Pier of the Summer

A Program

The title of the special meeting is the 100th anniversary commemorative event of the Nikon foundation "The Monster Telephoto Nikkor Lenses and Grand Big Binoculars Show".

Motoyuki Kobayashi, a famous photographer and film director in Japan, attended the meeting as a guest.
Sanaka Hiiragi, a female novelist, also attended the meeting as a guest. Her novel is very popular in Japan. Many classic cameras are playing the leading role in her novels.

Great Historical Collection

Many super telephoto Nikkor lenses and wonderful binoculars gathered.

Many Lenses and Binoculars

Amazing Telephoto Nikkor Lenses

Scenery in Front of You

Cool Nikon F2 Titanium Cameras

Not only historical super telephoto Nikkor lenses, but also those who brought a new fluorite telephoto Nikkor lenses.

I will explain it from the right of the image below.
AF-S NIKKOR 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR, AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/4E FL ED VR
AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4E FL ED VR,    AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR

Yes, these are one guy's fluorite Nikkor lenses collection.

One Guy's Fluorite Nikkor Lens Collection !!

The All-Star Historical Telephoto Nikkor Lenses

It was like artillery guns.
Many historical telephoto Nikkor lenses were lined up in front of you.
That is exactly the all-star.

The All-Star Historical Telephoto Nikkor Lenses

You can try it

You can try them

Like a New Nikkor P 1200mm F11

Historical Telephoto Nikkor Grand Party

Auto Nikkor Telephoto-Zoom 20-60cm F9.5-10.5 (1961)

Every Things are Great

Party People

Shu Akayama, a professional photographer, who is also a member of the Nikon Kenkyukai member attended the meeting.
Motouki Kobayashi, a famous photographer and film director, also attended the meeting.
Sanaka Hiiragi, a famous popular novelist also attended the meeting.

It was a great opportunity for young college students and camera fans to discuss directly with frontline professional photographers.

Syu Akayama and Young Nikon Kenkyukai Member

Motoyuki Kobayashi and Ryu Koakimoto and Young Nikon Kenkyukai Member

The Monster Telephoto Nikkor Lenses

They are really monster lenses.
Really gorgeous monster Nikkor lenses gathered here.

Nikkor ED 300mm F2.0, Extreme Super Hight Speed Telephoto Nikkor Lens

This lens is 300mm F2.0, not 300mm F2.8.
Yes, Nikkor ED 300mm F2.0 lens is the extreme super hight speed telephoto Nikkor lens.

For your reference,
Tochigi NiKON 300mm T2.2 and Nikkor 300mm F2.0
November 2004, Nikon Kenkyukai Report

The SAPPORO 300mm F2.8 Super First Telephoto Lens

Japan's first Winter Olympic Games held at the city of Sapporo, in Hokkaido, in February 1972.
Nippon Kogaku developed an efficient telephoto lens for the professional press photographer.
This lens was released in January 1972 exclusively for the professional press field.
Yes, it was "NIKKOR-H 300mm F2.8" as you know.
This lens has been called "SAPPORO 300mm F2.8" among people interested in a photography.
At that time, "ED" engraving was not able to be found to the rim of the lens.
The glass of Germany, SCHOTT GLAS, was used for the early production models.

Later, it was applied with the multi-layer coating, and then, improved to the one adopted Nikon's new glass named the ED(Extra-low Dispersion) glass.
The MONTREAL 300mm F2.8 has the ED glass.
You can find the "ED" engraving to the rim of the lens.

SAPPRO Nikkor 300mm F2.8 and Nikon D810A

SAPPRO Nikkor 300mm F2.8, 1972

Ai Zoom Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm F5.6-8P (IF) and Reflex Nikkor 1000mm F6.3

Nikon says "Among the telephoto lenses it is more than 400 mm, generally called a super telephoto lens."
This lens, Ai Zoom Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm F5.6-8P (IF), is really a super super extreme telephoto Nikkor lens.

Ai Zoom Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm F5.6-8P (IF)

Ai Zoom Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm F5.6-8P (IF)

This lens was very expensive.
Ai zoom Nikkor ED 1200 to 1700 mm F 5.6 to 8 P (IF) is 6 million yen according to the Nikon price list of July 1995.
Yes, 6,000,000 Japanese YEN!!
The price is also a monster.

Young Member and Ai Zoom Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm F5.6-8P (IF)

Ryu Koakimoto and Ai Zoom Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm F5.6-8P (IF)

Beautiful Reflex Nikkor 1000mm F6.3

Reflex Nikkor 1000 mm F6.3 is a famous lens that surely comes out in books that took up the history of Nikon.
The Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964.
Photographers at the press seat are taking photos with Reflex Nikkor 1000 mm F 6.3 and Nikon F. There are a lot of Nikon fans who have seen such historical photos.

Reflex Nikkor 1000mm F6.3

Very Fine Reflex Nikkor 2000mm F11

Reflex Nikkor 2000mm F11 is a telephoto lens with the longest focal length in the Nikon F mount lens.

Grand Reflex Nikkor 2000mm F11

Hiiragi Sanaka who came in at the guest seems to have been very interested in this Reflex Nikkor 2000mm F11 lens.
Nikon F2 titanium model is mounted to the big lens.

Sanaka Hiiragi and Reflex Nikkor 2000mm F11

Grand Big Binoculars Show

Excellent collections of binoculars also gathered.
From the 1910's to the current 2017 new products you could see.

Nippon Kogaku 20x120 Monocular

Very Old Nippon Kogaku 2 inch Telescope and 6.5cm Zoom Telescope

Please look at the large binoculars with caliber 12cm.
This big and old binoculars is nearly 80 years old product.
However, performance is very good as optical components are restored completely by experts.

Nippon Kogaku 12cm Big Binoculars

Nikon Binoculars Show

We enjoyed not only the old binoculars but also the brandnew binoculars.

Photographer Syu Akayama

You can try the Nikon WX 7x50 IF and Nikon WX 10x50 IF Binoculars

The Binocular of the Century

Since its first endeavor into the world of optical products in 1917, Nikon’s affinity for binocular innovation has delivered myriad sensational and extraordinary views to the eyes of the world.
Now, with a full century of experience to draw from, Nikon raises the critical eyes of optics aficionados to a level thought unachievable.

Introducing Nikon WX.
More than a lesson in optical achievement, WX speaks volumes towards catapulting its user into the frontier of incredible sharpness throughout a seemingly endless viewing periphery.

This is Where a Century of Innovation Takes You

Eyepieces feature unprecedented optical performance and a super-wide field of view.
Apparent field of view of 66.6°.
Engineered to minimize astigmatism and coma aberration and provide a sharp and clear image, while the sharpness of the image at the center of the field is achieved all the way to the periphery of the super-wide field of view.

Nikon WX 7x50 IF and Nikon WX 10x50 IF Binoculars


Great Group Photo

It was a fun day.
Many Nikon enthusiasts gathered here.
It is a summer memory of Tokyo.

Great Group Photo, Nikon Kenkyukai Special 2017

Our party began at the fancy restaurant.
We enjoyed delicious beer.
Kampai!! For the love of Nikon.

Kampai!! For the Love of Nikon

Party at the Fancy Restaurant

We Like Beer

Delightful Nikon Party

Delightful Beer Party

Hot Nikon Guy

Summer is Beer

From Tokyo Summer Evening to Summer Night

It was a summer evening outside the restaurant.
We enjoyed delicious beer.
We enjoyed delicious beer.
It was a summer night outside the restaurant.

Tokyo Summer Evening

Tokyo Summer Night

Everyone had a delightful time at the party.
A very enjoyable party has over.
The summer night in Tokyo city is sentimental.
And summer nights in Tokyo city are beautiful.

Tokyo City Night Sentimental Dreaming

Brilliant Tokyo City Nights
Nikon D5 and AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR


This is the magazine "NIPPON CAMERA" September 2017 issue.
As you know, NIPPON CAMERA is the most famous photographic magazine in Japan.
Sanaka Hiiragi has published a series of articles every month in this magazine.
She wrote a special report on the Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting.
You have to read NIPPON CAMERA magazine.

NIPPON CAMERA Magazine, September 2017

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