March 2014, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report
March 2014, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report

Wako Building in Ginza Tokyo

March 15, 2014
Nikon Kenkyukai
Welcome Freshmen
Tokyo Meeting

Tokyo Spring Ginza Street

Ginza Tokyo City

The Ginza in Tokyo is spring.
Five young newcomers participated in the Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo.

It started from the usual presentation session at first.
A photo journalist, Ryu Koakimoto, explained some photographs in the title with "the humorous news photos".
A Nikon F specialist, Akihiko Suzuki, explained the method of judgment of very old vintage Nikon F.

Ryu Koakimoto Told About Humorous News Photos

Akihiko Suzuki Told About Vintage Nikon F

Nikon Workshop

Now, the next is a workshop session.
A theme is "the world of Nikon F to F3" and "Nikkor Auto lenses".

Fisheye Nikkor Lenses

AF Nikkor 80mm F2.8 and AF Nikkor 200mm F3.5 ED IF

Old Nikkor Lenses and Digital Nikon

Old Nikkor Auto Lens Collection

Nikon F2 and Nikon F6 and Nikon F3

Five Young New Members and Neko-san

Nikon F2 and Nikon F6

Beautiful Old Nikkor Auto Lenses

Akihiko Suzuki and Nikon Fans

Nikon F and Nikon F3AF

Nikon F3AF High Performance Lenses

Precious Experience

The new member experienced photography with the precious Nikkor Auto lenses.
Fisheye Nikkor 6mm F5.6 was mounted to Nikon D600. You can see ceiling and your shoes simultaneously.

Nikon D600 and Fisheye Nikkor 6mm F5.6 220 degrees

Image of Fisheye Nikkor 6mm F5.6 (220 degrees)

Nice Nikon Df

The Ikemen Nikon Boys

Many Ikemen (Good-looking men) Nikon Boys gathered in the Tokyo Meeting.
A group photograph is smiling face.


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