February 2011, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report
February 2011, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report


February 19, 2011
Nikon Kenkyukai
Mini Tokyo Conv.
F6400 Nikon F
Nikon Motor Show

Tokyo Meeting

Mr. Bill Kraus, Nikon Historical Society joined in our Tokyo Meeting.
The meeting was held near Ginza, February Tokyo city.
The main theme is 'Early Nikon F and Nikon Motor Drive Cameras'.

Tokyo Ginza Street

Presentation Session

Bill Kraus reported on the research on very old Nikon badge collection and Nikon military optics.
His badge collection is composed of the club badge for the employee of Nikon in 1940's. They are badges of clubs of table tennis, baseball, and the kendo, etc.
Hatsu, Nobuji Hatsushiba reported on the research on very early Nikon accessories.
It was a valuable wonderful story.

Ryu Koakimoto and Bill Kraus

Prince Fushimi inspecting the rabit ear binoculars

Aero Camera with Nikkor Lens

Bill jumped into the screen!!

Hatsu's Special, Very Early Nikon Accessories

Ryu's Press Lecture

Mr. Ryu Koakimoto, a professional photojournalist, introduced some interesting old newsreel to us. Koakimoto have talked about newsreel of Japan of the 1940's.

Ryu Koakimoto who talked about newsreel of Japan of the 1940's

Members who are looking at newsreel of Japan in World War II

Article by Ryu Koakimoto published in Airlines magazine

LooK Back on Nose Art, Ryu Koakimoto, BOEING B-29 Special (1995)

F6400 Workshop

Akihiko Suzuki, a Nikon F specialist reported on the research on early F6400 Nikon to us.
Is a cloth curtain Nikon F's sound of the shutter really quiet?
We actually listened and compared the sound of the shutter.
Was the shutter of the cloth curtain Nikon F really quiet?

Very Vintage Nikon Parts for Special Reserch

Beautiful F6400 Black Nikon

Early F6400 Nikon

Very Early F6400 Nikon

Nikon Motor Show

Kazuo Satoda reported on the research on dynamic motor sound of very vintage Nikon motor drive cameras.
Do you hear of this wonderful, powerful motor sound?

Nikon S3M, S3, S2E and SP

Great Historical Nikon Motor Drive Cameras


The Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo was introduced at the May 2011 issue of the Asahicamera magazine.
A photography journal Asahicamera is the most big and historical photo & camera magazine in Japan.
Mr. Akihito Yonekura, a journalist of the Asahicamera magazine visited the Tokyo meeting to cover the Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo.

It was a very nice meeting.
Thank you Bill-san and Yonekura-san!!!

A journalist Yonekura who covers Nikon Kenkyuai

A journalist Yonekura, ASAHI CAMERA Magazine

Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting (Photo by Akihito Yonekura)

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