January 2011, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report
January 2011, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report

Beautiful Vintage Nikon F

January 15, 2011
Tokyo Meeting
KWANON Social Club
Nikomat Fun
Vintage Nikon F

Tokyo Canal Water

Phantom Kasyapa 50mm F3.5 in Tokyo Weekend

Do you know a Kasyapa 50mm F3.5 lens of the phantom?
No one knows whether for the KWANON camera to exist or not to do.

A Nice Blueprint of Seiki Kogaku

Meetings of the Young Boys

A member reported on study results concerning the KWANON camera and Kasyapa 50mm F3.5 to us.

Showa 9 (1934) KWANON Ads

Excellent Article by Seiichi Mamiya (1939)

Ryu's Press Lecture

Mr. Ryu Koakimoto, a professional photojournalist, introduced some interesting photos to us. Koakimoto explained what kind of movie camera had been used in the news film.

Ryu Koakimoto's Movie Camera Way

Ryu Koakimoto explained the Eyemo 35mm movie camera and the Filmo 16mm movie camera made by the U.S. Bell & Howell.

Good!! Very Nice Eyemo Operation!

A photo below is a news material taken a picture of in the summer of 1958.
A beautiful woman at the center is a travel show star, Miss Kaoru Kanetaka. She established the record that traveled round the world in 73 hours. Her traveling abroad TV program continued for 31 years from 1959.
An Ikemen nice guy in the right who has the JOKR-TV DENSKE recorder is young Ryu Koakimoto!

Kaoru Kanetaka and Ryu Koakimoto (1958)

Nikomat Fun

A member of the Nikomat specialist reported on the research on early Nikomat FT and Nikomat FS to us.

Nikomat, Nikomat and Nikomat

Transparent Plastic Film Spool

Very Nice Nikomat FS Collection

F6400 Very Vintage Nikon F

Akihiko Suzuki, a Nikon F specialist reported on the research on early Nikon F F6400 to us.

Nikon F F6400086, Akihiko Suzuki's Collection

The F6400 Series Nikon F

F6400999!!! Last Number of the F6400 Series Nikon F

Very Vintage Nikon F Motor Drive Unit

Serial Number and Scratched Body Number

Beautiful Vintage Nikon F

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