September 2010, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report
September 2010, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report

September Ginza Street, End of the Tokyo Summer

September 18, 2010
Tokyo Meeting
Historical Nikon Users
Nikon Starred in Movie

End of the Tokyo Summer

Did Miki take a picture of Duncan by what kind of Leica?

As you know, Nikon and Nikkor lenses came to be known to the world photographer by the portrait of Duncan of whom Jun Miki had taken a picture in June Showa 25 (1950).
Miki took a picture of Duncan by the Leica camera with the Nikkor 8.5cm F2 lens.
Did Miki take a picture of Duncan by what kind of Leica?

The Nikon Kenkyukai did a special investigation about the Leica camera that Miki had used.
Miki says that it is Leica IIIf in his book. However, it has been understood that it is Leica IIIc according to our investigation.

Did Miki take a picture of Duncan by what kind of Leica?

David Douglas Duncan and his Leica IIIc

The Star Nikon Photographers

Who is the photographer who used very early Nikon and Nikkor lenses?
We looked for a star photographer at that time.
Yes, Nikon and Nikkor lenses were working with the star photographer's hand!!

Japanese Very Famous Photographer Ihei Kimura and his Nikon

Tokyo Meeting

A Famous Photo from Nikkor Club Magazine

Margaret Bourke-white and her Nikon

LIFE Photographer Hank Walker and Nikon and Dwight David Eisenhower

Robert Capa who accepts badge from Nagaoka of president of Nippon Kogaku

Very Vintage Camera Collection

A valuable beautiful cameras and lenses lined up on the table.
Now let's enjoy the very vintage camera and lens collection together.

Old Vintage Nikon M Case


Katsuharu Takashima's Very Beautiful Nikon M Collection

Very Beautiful CANON II-S New in Box

Fujita's CANON Collection

Very Beautiful Nicca Camera and Nikkor Lens

Very Vintage Micro Nikkor 150mm F5.6 and Micro Nikkor 5cm F3.5

Nikkor Club Register of Members, Showa 28 (1953)

Ryu's Press Lecture

Mr. Ryu Koakimoto, a professional photojournalist, introduced some interesting photos to us. Koakimoto explained what kind of camera had been used in the movie.
Of course, the Nikon camera and Nikkor lenses appear in the movie.

Ryu Koakimoto and Kenkyukai Members

Joan Leslie, The Sky's the Limit (1943)

In movie "High Society" in 1956, Celeste Holm of a magazine photographer appears with Nikon S2 of just the sale at that time.

High Society (1956) Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Celeste Holm

Five Fingers (1952) James Mason, Danielle Darrieux

French Film Director: Rene Clement

Yes!!! Nikkor 3.5cm F1.8 No. 181720!!

Flags of Our Fathers (2006) Ryan Phillippe, Director: Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood and his Nikon F, The Bridges of Madison County (1995)

Super Vintage Photograph

Ryu Koakimoto showed us a valuable, historical photograph.
Koakimoto traveled all over the world for the coverage of news.
So, he loves Pan American World Airways very much.

Ryu Koakimoto Loves Pan American Airways

The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, A Flying Hotel for 1950s

Marilyn Monroe is the most famous movie actress of the 20th century.
She has visited to Japan at honeymoon in 1954.
Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe had wed on January 14th 1954.
The Boeing Stratocruiser that Monroe and Joe had taken landed in Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) in Japan on February 1st 1954.

This photograph was taken by a Japanese employee of the Pan Am.
A Japanese employee of the Pan Am, his name is Kineo Aoki.
Aoki is not a professional photographer.
This close-up photograph of Monroe was the photograph that the Japanese took a picture of the the first time.
This photograph is a print to which Koakimoto copied Aoki's photograph.

Marilyn Monroe in Boeing 377 Stratocruiser
February 1st Showa 29 (1954) Haneda Airport Tokyo, Photo by Kineo Aoki

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