August 2010, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report
August 2010, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report

Takashimaya Shinjuku Tokyo

August 28, 2010
Tokyo Meeting
Summer Place
Takashimaya Show

Summer Place in Tokyo City

The used camera show in the summer was held from August 24 to the 30th in Shinjuku Tokyo.
Takashimaya Times Square department store was lively in a lot of camera fans.
The member of Nikon Kenkyukai visited to Takashimaya to enjoy happy window shopping.
And of course cold beer also waiting for us.

Takashimaya Show

Very Nice Olympus Cameras

Mamiya Speed Shot Special and Mamiya Pistol

Nikon F Parts

Sale Price Lenses and Cameras

I want to show you a lot of photos for you who cannot go to the camera show in Tokyo.
Please browse, enjoy and have fun by your PC!!

500 Yen Cameras Sell

Leica Shop in Tokyo

The Leica shop came from Vienna to Tokyo also this year.
Member of the Nikon Kenkyukai visited the Leica shop Tokyo in the Takashimaya show.

Mountain Elmar 10.6cm F6.3

Mr. Kaeru Nakayama is a temporary manager in the Leica shop Tokyo during the Takashimaya camera show.
Kaeru Nakayama is not only a very famous comic artist but also a famous motorsports journalist in Japan.

Kaeru Nakayama and his Nikon F2 Titan

"Do you have a great Nikon camera?" asked Michio Akiyama.
"This one is great! Love it!" answered Kaeru Nakayama.
Yes, it is Nikon S2 original black painted camera.
And, nice price!

Very Vintage Nikon S2 Black

Negotiating on the Price

Kaeru Nakayama-san and Koyama-san

Very Good Leica Cameras

Fujii Cameras Inc., World Camera's Shop

Member of the Nikon Kenkyukai visited the very vintage camera shop in the Takashimaya show.
Yes, World Camera's Shop of Fujii Cameras from Osaka.

"Do you have a great vintage camera?" asked Michio Akiyama.
"They are very vintage! Love them!" answered Mr. Hiromi Fujii.
As you know, Hiromi Fujii, a director of the Fujii Cameras Inc., is a specialist of the Japanese old vintage cameras.
Yes, they are great Seiki Canon camera and grand Hansa Canon camera.
They are super vintage very nice cameras.

Super Very Vintage Canon Cameras


Great Seiki Canon Camera

Grand Hansa Canon Camera

A Happy Beer Party

The member of the Nikon Kenkyukai enjoyed the beer party in the summer restaurant.
Wind of summer.
We are happy if there are cold beer, wine and delicious sausages.
It was very happy time in end of the summer of Tokyo.

Tokyo Meeting in End of Summer

Nikon S2 Black with Zunow 5cm F1.3 Lens

A Happy Beer Summer Day

Special Thank you to:

Leica Shop, Vienna Austria
Fujii Cameras Inc., World Camera's Shop, Osaka Japan

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