February 2010, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report
February 2010, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report

NHS and Kenkyukai's Tokyo Meeting

February 20, 2010
Nikon Kenkyukai
Tokyo Meeting
Bill Kraus & Chris Sap
Special Study

Tokyo Meeting in 2010

Bill Kraus and Chris Sap

Mr. Bill Kraus and Mr. Chris Sap, Nikon Historical Society joined in our Tokyo Meeting.
The meeting was held near Ginza, February Tokyo city.
The main theme is 'Nikon Motor Drive Camera'.

Happy Nikon time started

Presentation Session

Chris Sap lectured on Nikon F2 High Speed 250 of the phantom.
The F2H 250 is about ten special models whom Nikon manufactured for the press photographer. His research was a seriously interesting presentation that had been covered directly from the verification of real machines and the developer of Nikon.

Feature of F2H 250 and the background of the development

Chris talk about F2H 250

Nikon F2 High Speed 250 of the Phantom

Simon Nathan & Nikon 'Sequence Motor'

Bill Kraus reported on the research on photographer Mr. Simon Nathan, his old friend.
As you know, after World War II, his "Simon Sez" columns in popular photography magazines was very useful among the amateur photographers and professionals.
Bill-san talked about the valuable fact not known about Simon and his Nikon motor drive work. It was a valuable wonderful story.

The SP with 250 Back

Mr. Ryu Koakimoto, professional photojournalist, showed us the advertisement of an old camera magazine, ASAHI CAMERA. It is written in Japanese as follows.

My name is Simon Nikon.
I changed my family name into Nikon because I loved Nikon camera.
Mail correctly reaches me if you wrote Nikon on the address.

His smile is attractive.
His Nikon S36 motor camera and Nikkor 1000mm F6.3 lens are very fantastic!

My name is Simon Nikon (Japanese language)

Coffee Break

Let's take a coffee break.
We enjoyed ourselves over coffee and Chris's delicious chocolate of Belgium.
There are some unusual lenses and the cameras on the table.
Do you know ASAHI PENTAR?


Nikon Motor Drive

Well, the verification by real machines of the motor drive feature that was the main theme started.
A member brought Nikon F motor drive camera in.
They were six F36 motor cameras and one F250 motor camera.

Very Nice Condition Nikon F Motor Drives

NIKON Logo on F36 Motor Drive

Nikkor Motor Drive

Dynamic Sound of High Speed Motor Drives

Please see the Nikon historical motor drive cameras.
And, please enjoy them together.
The sound of the motor like the heavy machine gun is wonderful.
It is a light sound though it is dynamic.

It was a very nice meeting.
Thank you Bill-san and Chris-san!!!

Very Amazing Nikon S Motor Drive Cameras

Beautiful Nikon S Motor Drive Cameras

Dynamic Souund of Nikon S3M 72

Beautiful Nikon S Motor Drive Cameras

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