January 2008, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report
January 2008, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report

Ryu Koakimoto's Lecture

January 19, 2008
Tokyo Meeting
Nikkor 8.5cm F2
Historical Lecture

Tokyo Meeting in January 2008

Nikkor 8.5cm F2

As you know, very famous lens that became a chance Nikon was admitted in the world is Nikkor 8.5cm F2.
David Douglas Duncan, star LIFE photojournalist, visited Nippon Kogaku Ohi factory in Tokyo to verify the performance of Nikkor lenses in Showa 25(1950).
To meet the lens that Duncan had praised, we put early Nikkor 8.5cm F2 lenses on the table.

Very Early Nikkor 8.5cm F2 Lenses

Lens Hoods and Caps for Nikkor 8.5cm F2

Good Work Engraving of Lens Caps

Three Kinds of Nikkor 8.5cm Finders

Nikkor 8.5cm Finders and Cases

Beautiful Filter Collection

Nikon Engravings on the Glass Surface

Coffee Break

A small adapter is used to mount EL Nikkor to Coolpix P5100.
Rare NIKKO Orion 6X24 monocular might have been mounted to the optical weapon.
We enjoyed coffee with small Nikon historical things.

EL Nikkor 63mm F3.5 and Special Adapter for Coolpix P5100

Rare NIKKO Orion 6X24 Monocular

Ryu Koakimoto Told About Dave Duncan

Ryu Koakimoto, professional photojournalist, researching David Douglas Duncan and his great work.
We studied the content of his book "THIS IS WAR".
Ryu Koakimoto told about Dave Duncan and his great work, also his Nikkor lenses.

THIS IS WAR by David Douglas Duncan

Ryu Koakimoto Told About Dave Duncan

Ryu Koakimoto introduced his "crazy work" to us respecting him.
Please look at the photo of him published in the LIFE magazine.
In World War II, Dave Duncan had a blister built in P-38 wing tank and sealed himself inside to take pictures.
Ryu Koakimoto, professional photojournalist, a member of Nikon Kenkyukai told about Dave Duncan.

Duncan is Sealed in Lockheed P-38 Wing Tank Before Take-off

Ryu Koakimoto's Lecture by Blackboard

Ryu Koakimoto Pointed the 38th Parallel


Ryu Koakimoto has met Dave Duncan.
When Jun Miki was a chairman of Nikkor Club Japan, Ryu Koakimoto met Dave Duncan by introduction of Miki.
Koakimoto and Dave talked about their work in the Nikkor Club reception room at the Nikon headquarters in Tokyo.
Jun Miki(1919-1992) is a famous photographer in Japan, and Miki and Dave are relations to work by Korean War as LIFE photojournalist.

Ryu Koakimoto's Lecture 1950, 38th Parallel, Nikon

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