The Matsuya Rooftop Session 2007
The Matsuya Rooftop Session 2007

Ginza Tokyo, Hattori's

February 21, 2007
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
Nikon Historical Society
MATSUYA Rooftop Session

Rooftop Session 2007

Ginza, Tokyo. Matsuya department store rooftop. Members of the Nikon Historical Society and the Nikon Kenkyukai gathered. February afternoon in winter. It was perfect weather for a rooftop session under the sunshine without any cold wind.

We held a rooftop session at the same place the year before last (2005), so many camera enthusiasts gathered again this year. Please take a look at the fun rooftop live session.

Rooftop Session Venue

Bill Kraus and Yuki Kawai

Opening speech by Hans Ploegmakers-san

Fun times for camera fans

Hans Ploegmakers-san's talk

Camera Discussion

Newly bought Nikon I

Nikon S Black

Black NIKKOREX and Zunow Cap

Zunowflex on the table

Al Brody-san

Michio Akiyama and Hans Braakhuis-san

Hatsu (Nobuji Hatsushiba-san) and Hans Ploegmakers-san

Hans, Chris and Ohtsu

Talk about fun camera accessories

All members gathering

Group Photo

Matsuya Shopping Information

At the Matsuya Department Store, the "Secondhand Camera Market of the World" was being held. We walked across the battlefield. I would like to report a camera that you might be interested in.


Special display

Nikon S3M Chrome

Nice price

Rangefinder Nikon

Nikon S2 Black

S-mount Nikkor Lenses

Nikon SP

Nikon S4

Nikon F

Nikkor Lenses

Nikkor Lenses

Nikon S3 Black

Nikon S2

Nikon S3

Nikon S3 Olympic

World Camera

We were able to see the world's cameras together. Robot, Leica, Zeiss, Rollei, Alpa and ARRI. Everything is beautiful.


Leica R3 Olive Green

Old Leica

Leica A

CONTAPROX Tessar 5cm F3.5

Pax Golden View 45mm F3.5 (Japan)



Alpa Standard

Filters are fun

Small Accessories

Leica lenses

Zeiss Hologon Ultra Wide

16mm Movie Camera


Ginza 4:00 p.m.

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