February 2007, Nikon Kenkyukai
February 2007, Nikon Kenkyukai

Tokyo Ginza 2007

February 24, 2007
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
Ginza joint meeting
Nikon Historical Society

Tokyo Ginza Meeting

The member of Nikon Historical Society and Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo enjoyed a special meeting near Ginza Tokyo.

Ginza Nikon House

Matsuya Department Store Ginza

Al Brody and Bill Kraus

Hans Braakhuiss

Making Meeting Room

Presentation Session

Tokyo meeting presentation session started with Bill Kraus's lecture.

Bill Kraus

NHS Members and Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo

Nikon Story

Bill Kraus and Yuki Kawai

Bill Kraus in Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo

a four-letter word?

8-digit S

Filters are fun, ask Hatsu (Nobuji Hatsushiba)

Something for Al Brody

Coffee Break with Cameras

We enjoyed talking about the cameras while drinking plastic bottle green tea.

Today's Fun Camera Talking

Fun Camera Talks

Vintage Cameras on the Collection Table

Very Vintage Canon Camera

Nikon SP Black

Very Vintage Nikon S Black

Ultra Micro Nikkor 125mm F2.8, F-Mounted

Super Great Leitz PHOTAR Lenses, RMS-Mount

Nikon Studio Opened

Hans Ploegmakers set up a temporary photo studio in the meeting room.

Hans Ploegmakers

Temporary Photo Studio

Very Nice Studio and Staffs

Al Brody, Yuki Kawai and Bill Kraus

Very Rare Early Era Nikon F

Akihiko Suzuki showed us very rare early era Nikon F camera. Of course, it has cloth shutter curtain. Please pay attention to the camera serial number.

Nikon F No. 6400027 Cloth Shutter Curtain Model

Purple and Unusual White Cover Nikon F Instruction Manuals

Nikon S4

Black and Yellow Packaging

Nikon Candy

Vintage Old Nikon Binoculars

John Millham, Hatsu (Nobuji Hatsushiba), Hans Braakhuis

Fun time to talk about cameras

Nikon Kenkyukai and NHS

NHS and Nikon Kenkyukai

Tokyo Meeting is Over

The very fun meeting ended. All the participants of the meeting took pictures of fun memories.

Ikemen Group Photo
Tokyo Nikon Boys

Hans Ploegmakers's Closing Greeting

Ginza Night

After the meeting was over, we went outside. In front of us is the MEIDI-YA Building in Kyobashi. It's 5pm in February. Around the time of the lights. It's almost beer time. We all headed to the beer hall.

MEIDI-YA Building

NHS and Kenkyukai Members on the Ginza Street

Camera Talks on the Street

John Millham and Al Brody are looking at the landmark in Ginza

Sentimental Ginza Night

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