April 2006, Nikon Kenkyukai
April 2006, Nikon Kenkyukai

Nikon Kenkyukai in Fuchu, Tokyo

April 15, 2006
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
Beer Brewery Tour
Fuchu, Tokyo

Fuchu Forest Museum

Fuchu meeting

The Nikon Kenkyuaki went to Fuchu to drink delicious beer. Fuchu City is situated roughly in the center of big Tokyo, and is around 22 km west of Shinjuku, the secondary city center of Tokyo.

We walked the Ookunitama shrine first and next walked the Fuchu Forest Museum. We walked happily in the Open Air Architectural Museum. Of course, we enjoyed taking a picture with Nikon in old Tokyo city town.
Please look at the precise photo that a member shot with the EL Nikkor 63mm F3.5 and OLYMPUS E-300 camera.

Photo by EL Nikkor 63mm F3.5, Ookunitama shrine

EL Nikkor 63mm F3.5 and OLYMPUS E-300

Beer Brewery

We arrived at the Suntory beer brewery of pleasure. We drank the toast with fresh beer after we visit the production process of beer. Spring, April, Cherry blossom, and Cheers!

Suntory Beer, The Premium Malt's

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