December 2005, Nikon Kenkyukai
December 2005, Nikon Kenkyukai

Mr. Kenji Toyoda

December 18, 2005
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
Super Live in
JCII Camera Museum

Hanzomon, Tokyo

JCII Camera Museum

JCII Building

JCII Camera Museum

Hanzomon, Tokyo. Our December meeting was held in JCII Camera Museum of Tokyo. A special lecture of Mr. Kenji Toyoda was held by sponsoring the Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo. The Nikon SP collection had been exhibited before the lecture. They were black SP cameras and chrome SP cameras. A chrome Nikon SP was an unused new camera. The lecture of Mr. Kenji Toyoda started after having seen a wonderful Nikon collection.

Nikon SP Black Collections

Nikon SP with W-Nikkor 35mm F1.8

Nikon SP with W-Nikkor 2.5cm F4

New unused condition Nikon SP chrome outfit

Nikon SP shutter curtain cover

Kenji Toyoda's Super live

As for the serious Nikon fan of Japan, everyone knows Mr. Kenji Toyoda. Toyoda-san published a lot of articles by the Nikon's website in the title of "Nikon Family Cousins". Also, he has written many books. Yes, Mr. Kenji Toyoda, he is a Vice-President of the Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan (SPSTJ).

Super Live in
JCII Camera Museum

The lecture of Mr. Kenji Toyoda started

Toyoda-san happily talked about the Nikon development story

We all enjoyed Toyoda-san's hot lecture

Toyoda-san lectured on the history story concerning the Nikon camera development. It was a very interesting story.

- People of Nikon camera design division
- Theme of development
- Two big engineers, Mr. Takeo Yamada and Mr. Zenji Wakimoto
- 35mm film direct telephoto transmitter

Kenji Toyoda's super live in JCII Camera Museum

Fuketa's box

Toyoda-san showed us his collection at the end of his lecture. It was a small lens. This lens was in the junk box. Toyoda-san got the junk box from his boss Mr. Shigeya Nakamura. And then, Nakamura-san got the junk box from Mr. Masayoshi Fuketa. As you know, Fuketa-san is famous as the chief designer of Nikon F.

Toyoda-san took out the small thing from his bag

It was a small lens


Do you know this lens, Nikkor-WHITE 35mm F3.5? You can find "Made in Occupied Japan" engraving on the rear element of the lens. Nikkor-WHITE 35mm F3.5 was made for as a prototype lens to mount the stereo camera that had become popular at that time.


No. 91231 and 'Made in Occupied Japan' engraving

Ginza Meeting

The special live ended at 5:00 PM. All attendees were satisfied with special lecture on Toyoda-san. The second lecture moved to Ginza, Tokyo. Toyoda-san and society member really enjoyed dinner party in Ginza.

Ginza Night

Tokyo meeting in Ginza dinner party

First, we toasted with beer. The year-end dinner started with a wonderful guest. When the white and red wines were served, the Nikon camera discussion suddenly became lively.

Year End Dinner

Wonderful Night

Thank you for attendees of TOYODA's super live.
Thank you very much Toyoda-san.

Special thanks to;
Mr. Kenji Toyoda, Vice-President of the Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan (SPSTJ)

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