September 2005, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report
September 2005, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report

Nikon M on Parade

September 20, 2005
Nikon M Special
Flash Equipment
Nippon Kogaku Transit

Meeting Room of JCII Camera Museum, Tokyo

Nikon MS

The September Tokyo meeting was held in JCII Camera Museum near Ginza, Tokyo.
The theme of the meeting was the special research of Nikon M, MS and early Nikon S.
Several members brought their chrome beautiful Nikon M, MS and early Nikon S cameras.

Top cover of Nikon M, MS and early S

Rear cover collection

Very Early Nikon Flash Equipment

Also we studied very early Nikon flash equipment.
Nikon and Walz flash unit are stored in carton box with instruction manual.

Nikon MS and very early Nikon flash equipment

Walz for Nikon

Early Nikon Transit and Theodolite

Neko-san, a member of Nikon Kenkyukai is famous for a collector of old Nippon Kogaku's optical instruments.
He introduced a very interesting early Nikon Transit and Theodolite to us.
They are precise optical instruments actually used in era after World War II.
Nikon transit G2 was marketed in 1949 and Nikon transit H was marketed in 1950.
New model of Nikon theodolite NT2 was marketed in 1967.

Very rare Nikon transit G2

Left, Nikon theodolite NT2 and Right, Nikon transit H

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