August 2005, Nikon Kenkyukai
August 2005, Nikon Kenkyukai

Japanese Imperial Army Optical Weapons

August 20, 2005
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
Japanese Imperial Army
Optical Weapons
Nikon Digital Classic
Kogaku Seiki Nippon

Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting

Japanese Imperial Army Optical Weapons

Tokyo meeting is very hot now. Neko-san, a member of Nikon Kenkyukai is famous for a collector of old Nippon Kogaku's optical instruments. He introduced very interesting old optical weapons to us. A periscopic transit, artillery theodolite and aiming circle gathered on the table. They are precise optical instruments actually used in World War II.

L-R; Periscopic transit, Artillery theodolite and Aiming circle

Senbo-shiki Keiigi (Periscopic transit), Tokyo Kogaku

A heavy wooden box for Artillery theodolite, Nippon Kogaku

Inside of wooden box for Artillery theodolite, Nippon Kogaku

Chijyo-Hyoteiki (Artillery theodolite), Nippon Kogaku

Beautiful Nippon Kogaku's Artillery theodolite

The NIKKO marking on prism case

The NIKKO marking on base plate

Hohkoh-ban (Aiming circle), Nippon Kogaku

The NIKKO marking on prism case

Very fine view of a sighting scope unit

Nikon Digital Classics

At last month's meeting, we studied Nikon 35mm film direct telephoto transmitter. There are not many examples of research in the world for the Nikon Digital Classic. This month we studied old Nikon digital SLR cameras. All of the cameras displayed here are from the collection of one member of Nikon Kenkyukai, the worldwide collector of Nikon Digital Classics.

Nikon Digital Classics on parade

Still Video Camera, Nikon QV-1000C, very rare model

The QV-1000C is a professional model developed and sold for news media. The plastic-looking body is well-made metal. Everyone was amazed at the bright and precise viewfinder. According to Mr. Kenji Toyoda, who promoted commercialization at Nikon, the production volume is only 180 units or so. The QV-1000C is a rare limited production camera.

Zoom lenses, QV Nikkor 10-40 mm F1.4 and QV Nikkor 11-120 mm F2

Lens mount section of Nikon QV-1000C

We are naming Nikon E2/E3 the Whale or a Sea lion

The Nikon E2/E3 series was born through joint development by Nikon and Fuji Photo Film. They are SLR type digital still camera that includes reduction optics. On the table were the Fujix DS-505 (Nikon E2), Fujix DS-515 (Nikon E2s) and Fujix DS-565 (Nikon E3s).

Difference between professional model and market model

Very rare D1X Dummy and D1 Dummy display camera

KODAK's professional camera based Nikon F5

Printing Nikkor Lenses

It was the 4th special research on the industrial Nikkor lenses. Michio Akiyama, a specialist of industrial Nikkor lenses, showed us his collection. He put Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 and Printing Nikkor 105mm F2.8 on the table.

Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 and 105mm F2.8

Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8

Printing Nikkor 105mm F2.8

Printing Nikkor fits the Nikon Digital Classics

Nikon M Special

Please look at beautiful Nikon M and Nikkor 5cm F2 and 5cm F1.4 lenses. The slip-on filters outfit are also wonderful. Very good slip-on filters collection also displayed on the table.

L-R, Nikon M with 5cm F2 and Nikon M with 5cm F1.4

Full set of the Slip-on filters for 5cm F1.4

Slip-on filters for 5cm F1.4

Beautiful Classic Nikon on the table

Nikon S2 Meter engraving model

Nice Meeting

It was great meeting. A member of the Nikon Kenkyukai showed us very super rare camera. He took out the camera from his pocket. Yes, KOGAKU SEIKI's Nippon Camera!!

KOGAKU SEIKI's Nippon Camera

This camera was manufactured by a Japanese army in World War II. The Nippon completely copied Leica camera. No range finder Nippon is very rare. The Nippon was used to observe radar of the Japanese Imperial Navy Night Fighter "Mitsubishi Gekko". "Gekko" means the Moonlight in English. It seems that it was used to shoot the cathode ray tube screen of the radar.

Ultra rare Nippon camera, KOGAKU SEIKI, No. 18122

Copy Leica of Nippon camera

KOGAKU SEIKI's Nippon camera and Nikkor 5cm F4.5


Beautiful Nikkor 5cm F4.5 Nr. 50516

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