July 2005, Nikon Kenkyukai
July 2005, Nikon Kenkyukai

Nikon 35mm Film Direct Telephoto Transmitter NT-1000

July 16, 2005
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
ED 800mm and 600mm
Macro Nikkor Lenses
35mm Film Transmitter
NT-1000, 2000 and 3000

Large hard trunk cases arrived

Summer Tokyo Meeting

Summer has arrived in Tokyo. The Tokyo meeting was happily held. Some members helped unload large trunk cases from a car. You will see the unusual professional Nikon transmission equipment.

Well, old magazines were introduced to the first. They are the platinum paper collection of beautiful Nikon I camera era. The first one is the first advertisement of Nikkor lens which appeared in the Japanese camera magazine in September 1947. The other is the first advertisement of Nikon I camera in October 1947.

The first advertisement of Nikkor lens (Sept. 1947)

Left, Nikon I introduction (Sept. 1947), Right, Nikon I ad. (Oct. 1947)

Advertisement of Nikon I (Left, Oct. 1947, Right, Dec. 1947)

The Kohga Gekkan 1947, Magazine for Amateur Photographer

Nippon Kogaku Memorial Items

The collection of the small items and paper material is difficult to find as you know. A small bronze lion is famous for Nikon collector. Nippon Kogaku made the small bronze lion in commemoration of the construction of the Oi plant in 1933. You can put the loupe on this bronze. Or you can put the Nikkor lens on it like him.

Small bronze lion engraved as Nippon Kogaku K.K.

The celebration of new building of Ohi plant, Oct. 1933

The 30th Nippon Kogaku establishment anniversary badge (1947)

A beautiful red badge was made for "The 30th Nippon Kogaku establishment anniversary" in 1947. It is stored in the very small wooden box.

Beautiful red badge (1947)

Nikon sports finder of complete set stored in original box

Gold Lined Telephoto ED Nikkor Lenses

A member introduced two lenses to us. Yes, they are gold lined ED Nikkor 600mm F5.6 and ED Nikkor 800mm F8. Of course, the Nikon focusing units were put on the table. There are two types of focusing units.

Gold lined ED Nikkor lenses

Collection of beautiful ED Nikkor lenses

Beautiful big telephoto ED Nikkor lenses

Macro Nikkor on Parade

It is the 3rd program of the industrial Nikkor lens special. Michio Akiyama, a specialist of industrial Nikkor lenses, showed us his collection. He put Macro Nikkor 12cm F6.3, Macro Nikkor 65mm F4.5, Macro Nikkor 35mm F4.5 and Macro Nikkor 19mm F2.8 lenses on the table.

Beautiful collection of MACRO Nikkor lenses

MACRO Nikkor 35mm F4.5 and 19mm F2.8 and RMS Mount Adapter

The Macro Nikkor 12cm F6.3 and Macro Nikkor 65mm F4.5 lenses have the L39 screw mount. Moreover, the Macro Nikkor 35mm F4.5 and Macro Nikkor 19mm F2.8 lenses have the RMS screw mount. The size of the RMS screw mount is the same as the microscope objectives. These lenses are designed for the 4x5 inch large format view camera!!

MACRO Nikkor 12cm F6.3 and 65mm F4.5 and original caps

Special MACRO Nikkor 12cm F6.3 for the Mountain Photographer

Ultra Micro Nikkor 125mm F2.8 and Great Nikon F6

Nikon 35mm Film Transmitter

Do you know the Nikon Film Transmitter of the legend? Mr. Kenji Toyoda is explaining about this equipment in detail in his Nikon's History Web Nikon Family Cousins. Toyoda-san invented this equipment first. This equipment are all Neko-san's collections. His collection items are heavy and big.

Hard Cases for Nikon 35mm Film Direct Telephoto Transmitters

Collection of Nikon 35mm Film Direct Telephoto Transmitters

We can see the following equipment.

- Nikon 35mm Film Direct Telephoto Transmitter NT-1000, 1984
- Nikon Monitor Printer NW-100, 1986
- Nikon 35mm Color Film Scanner/Direct Telephoto Transmitter NT-2000, 1988
- 35mm Film Direct Color Telephoto Transmitter NT-3000, 1991

Nikon 35mm Film Direct Telephoto Transmitter NT-1000

Operation Panel of NT-1000, Slide bar

Operation Panel of NT-1000, Push button

Nikon Monitor Printer NW-100

Nikon 35mm Color Film Scanner/Direct Telephoto Transmitter NT-2000

Pop up viewer of Telephoto Transmitter NT-2000

35mm Film Direct Color Telephoto Transmitter NT-3000

Nikon NT-3000

Kenji Toyoda's Voice

To write this article, I requested the editorial supervision to Mr. Kenji Toyoda. Toyoda-san made the editorial supervision for me. And he gave me the following nice message.

Hello to all members of the Nikon Kenkyukai.
Yes, it was very impressive job for me.

The NT-1000 is a film telephoto transmitter of black and white photo film. However, the photo was able to be transmitted without printing from the news coverage site. Therefore, it was epoch-making at that time. CRT and LCD panel cannot be used yet. The operator saw the negative film directly by an optical finder.

The NT-2000 is a color version of the equipment. However, it was difficult in a technology at that time to develop by the color. So, the NT-2000 became very big and heavy. I hear that the journalist who went from Japan to foreign countries with the NT-2000 required time by the check-in of the airport.

The NT-3000 is slimmed-down version of NT-2000. The NT-3000 had the latest function. This model had some slot to insert the boards like the personal computer. You were able to improve the spec such as the analogue transmission, digital transmission and digital transmission with the compression function by exchanging the board. Yes, it is like the Photomic Finders of Nikon camera.

Anyway, this equipment might have lived with dust in the warehouse of the newspaper office. But your member rescued this equipment from a dark place. It is very glad for me. Thank you to everybody of the Nikon Kenkyukai who makes an effort.

And then I want you to rescue the camera from the dark place. The name of the camera is Nikon Still Video Camera "QV-1000C" (1988). This camera is small, and the design is beautiful. Moreover, they were manufactured only 180 units. I think that it is very unusual and rare Nikon camera.

Thank you.

Kenji Toyoda

A member of the Nikon Kenkyukai has already obtained the Nikon Still Video Camera "QV-1000C". We will be able to meet "QV-1000C" at the next Tokyo meeting.

Nice Meeting

We saw a wonderful collection in this meeting. See you next Tokyo meeting. A member went home by his yellow car.

See you next Tokyo meeting

Special Thanks
To write the article about "Nikon film transmitter", I requested the editorial supervision to Mr. Kenji Toyoda. Toyoda-san made the editorial supervision for me. And he gave us nice message. Thank you very much.

Michio Akiyama

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