February 2005, Matsuya Show
February 2005, Matsuya Show

February 23, 2005
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting

Ginza Tokyo

The 27th World Used Camera Show began on February 23, 2005, at Matsuya in Ginza, Tokyo. NHS (Nikon Historical Society) members gathered from all over the world. They enjoyed a camera show with members of the Nikon Kenkyukai. A mini convention was held on the rooftop of Matsuya department store in the afternoon.

Ginza Tokyo

Nikon House

Hattori's, Ginza Tokyo

Matsuya Department Store, Ginza

Matsuya Camera Show

Matsuya Shopping Information

I'd like to show you a few of the cameras on display at the Matsuya camera show. The price tag contains information about the actual and market price in 2005.

Full of Nikons, S, S2, S3 and SP

Nikon SP Black

Nikkor 5cm F1.1

Nikon F80, F3, and F5

Battery Pack for Nikon F

"Hayakawa Report" issued by HAYATA Camera shop

Filters, Filters, Filters

Astro Berlin PAN-TACHAR 150mm F2.3

John-san and Al-san

Fisheye Nikkor 7.5mm F5.6

Hasselblad SWC

Nikon F No self timer

Nikon F Eye level finder

Nikon F2 Titanium body

Rooftop Session

At the invitation of Mr. Hans Braakhuis of the Netherlands, many Nikon fans gathered on the rooftop in the winter sun. Six Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo members have joined. They showed off some interesting lenses and cameras. Their cameras and lenses were bought on the first day of the Matsuya show. It was a fantastic rooftop live session.

Mini NHS Convention in Matsuya by Hans Braakhuis-san

Hans Ploegmakers-san's talk

Hans-san, Thierry-san and Chris-san

Hans Braakhuis-san and John Millham-san

Alain Ernoult-san and Patrick Rouillard-san

Mini NHS Convention in Matsuya rooftop

Michio Akiyama, Bill Kraus-san and Al Brody-san

Yuki Kawai-san take a picture of a small lens

Beautiful Nikon S2

Nice meeting!! Hans-san and Al-san

The Matsuya Rooftop Session, Ginza Tokyo 2005

Ginza Tokyo 2005

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