May 2005, Nikon Kenkyukai
May 2005, Nikon Kenkyukai

Nikon F High Speed Motor Drive Camera

May 21, 2005
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
Ultra Micro Nikkor
Nikon F Pellicle Mirror
9 Frames Per Second

Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting

Ultra Micro Nikkor Special

The meeting was held in Hatchobori in Tokyo near Ginza in nice May summer. A new theme was begun today. It is research on the industrial Nikkor lenses.

Michio Akiyama, a specialist of industrial Nikkor lenses, showed us his collection. He put Ultra Micro Nikkor 125mm F2.8, Ultra Micro Nikkor 135mm F4, and Ultra Micro Nikkor 155mm F4 on the table.

The beautiful view of the industrial Nikkor lenses

Ultra Micro Nikkor 125mm F2.8

Ultra Micro Nikkor 135mm F4

Ultra Micro Nikkor 155mm F4

Industrial Nikkor Lenses

Other members showed us some industrial Nikkor lenses. We studied the performance of CRT Nikkor A 55mm F1.2 and TV Nikkor 35mm F0.9. The TV Nikkor 35mm F0.9, super high speed lens was mounted to the digital SLR camera. We saw a very bright image with the lens.

Neko-san showed us a Historical vintage lens, Aero Nikkor 20cm F3.5. It is possible to take a picture of Aero-Nikkor with a large-format camera. The Aero-Nikkor have many historical stoies.

CRT Nikkor 55mm F1.2

TV Nikkor 35mm F0.9

Digital SLR camera mounted a TV Nikkor 35mm F0.9

Aero Nikkor 20cm F3.5

Very Early Nikon F Big Brochure

We enjoyed and studied about the very early Nikon F big brochure. A photo of Nikon F No.6400002 is in big brochure. A big brochure has 2 varieties. Moreover, three kinds of small brochures were put on the table. Copy of FULLY AUTOMATIC REFLEX is in small brochure.

Very early Nikon F big brochure

Nikon F No.6400002 in big brochure

Copy of FULLY AUTOMATIC REFLEX in small brochure

Three small brochures of Nikon F

Beautiful gorgeous carton of early Nikon F camera

Nikon F High Speed Motor Drive Camera Special

Akihiko Suzuki-san, a specialist of Nikon F, showed us his SUPER collection. Yes, it is Nikon F high speed motor drive camera outfit. As you know, there are 7 FPS model, 7 Frames Per Second motor speed, and 9 FPS model in Nikon F high speed motor.

Suzuki-san showed us 9 FPS model. The Nikon F 9 FPS high speed motor drive camera did good work in Montreal Olympic Games in 1976. Only a few limited professional photojournalists were permitted to use this great high speed motor camera.

Nikon F KOH-SOKU (High speed) Motor Drive Camera

Nikon F motor special camera and 16 cell battery pack

Big outfit of high speed Nikon F motor camera

Special instruction manual

Suited camera No. and motor No. are stamped on the manual

Bland new Nikon F special camera

The camera number which suits the motor is stamped

Pellicle mirror and locked mirror lockup mechanism

Strong and thick battery cable

16 cell Battery pack eat 16 AA batteries

Quantities Sold

Quantities sold of Nikon F High Speed Motor Drive Camera is as follows. This information is based on the response letter dated July 15, 1991 from Nikon's Tokyo headquarters.

7FPS Model (7 frames per second)     54 sets
9FPS Model (9 frames per second)     34 sets

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