September 2004, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report
September 2004, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo, Meeting Report

Nippon Kogaku 5cm F1.1 and big high speed lenses

September 18, 2004
Nikkor S 5cm F1.1
High Speed Lens Special

Meeting was held at Shintomi-cyo (Near Ginza)

S Nikkor 5cm F1.1 Special

The theme of the meeting was the special research of Nikkor 5cm F1.1 lens for the rangefinder Nikon.
Several members brought their beautiful high speed lenses.
An unusual DUMMY Nikkor 5cm F1.1 lens was put on the table.
Also the big lens hoods and the very nice filters were walking on the table.

Nikkor 5cm F1.1 No.120617

Nikkor 5cm F1.1 No.140786

Nikkor 5cm F1.1 No.141656

Nikkor 5cm F1.1 No.141107 with Leica

Rare 62mm filters for Nikkor 5cm F1.1

The 62mm filters were manufactured only for Nikkor 5cm F1.1 lens.
Therefore, 62mm filters are hard to find today.
Big special lens hood is also scarce.
Metal hood and plastic hood were sold from Nippon Kogaku.
It was stored in a leather case with the chocolate color.
You might like a beautiful, blue box.

62mm filters collection, Nippon Kogaku

Lens hood for Nikkor 5cm F1.1 and original blue paper box

ZUNOW 5cm F1.1 and Nikkor 5cm F1.1

The ZUNOW 5cm F1.1 is a purple coated beautiful lens.
If you talk about the Nikkor 5cm F1.1, ZUNOW 5cm F1.1 should also join it.
They are lenses as beautiful as pure crystal.

Chrome beautiful lenses of Nikkor and ZUNOW

ZUNOW 5cm F1.1, No.5739 and No.6114

Rego Nikkor 10cm F1.5 and ZUNOW 5cm F1.1

All star of the high speed lenses

Lens hoods and leather cases for Nikkor 5cm F1.1

Regno Nikkor 10cm F1.5

We met the Regno Nikkor 10cm F1.5 lenses.
One lens was stored in the wooden box of an unusual Nikon X-ray camera.
Another lens did not have the camera body.
I will report on a detailed research to you later.

We became scientists with a Nikon model H field microscope.
I was impressed by the beautiful image of a Nikon microscope.
The Nikon model H field microscope is really excellent.

Full set of the Nikon X-ray camera, 1947 Nippon Kogaku

Regno Nikkor 10cm F1.5, No.71011 and No.21785

Nikon model H field microscope

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