January 2024, Nikon Kenkyukai
January 2024, Nikon Kenkyukai

NIKKOR-N Auto 25mm F3.5

January 20, 2024
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
NIKKOR Z 135mm F1.8 S Plena
Nikon Z f and Z fc
NIKKOR-N Auto 25mm F3.5
Nippon Kogaku
Carl Zeiss
Five Elements Lenses

Usual Nikon Gears

The Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting in January 2024 was held at a conference room near Ginza in Tokyo. We all brought our usual Nikon gears and had a camera discussion.

January 2024, Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting

Usual Nikon Gears

Old Nikkor Lenses Look Good on Nikon Z

Nikon Z 30

Nikon F2 Black with Nikkor 18mm F4 lens

NIKKOR Z 135mm F1.8 S Plena

Take your artistry to the edge with the NIKKOR Z 135mm F1.8 S Plena, a 135mm prime unlike any before it. Astonishing edge-to-edge clarity. Dreamlike circular bokeh. A focal length treasured for portraits, still life, cinema and landscapes. All with superlative craftsmanship and performance optimized for wide-open shots. Plentiful. Abundant. Extraordinary. This is the Plena.

NIKKOR Z 135mm F1.8 S Plena

Plena 135mm F1.8 S and Nikkor 18mm F4

Plena 135mm F1.8 S with Her Old Friends

Nice Nikon HN-15 Hood for 18mm F4

Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm F3.5 for Nikon F

Nikon Lens Rabbit Ears

Nikon meter coupling prongs are also known as "rabbit ears". They are also called "crab claws" in Japanese Nikon fans. The NIKKOR Z 40mm F2 Special Edition lens is fitted with early period triangular crab claws. The NIKKOR Z 28mm F2.8 Special Edition lens is fitted with the Ai Nikkor era rounded crab claws.

Nikon Z fc and Nikon Z f

Red Line Like Authentic Nikon F3

Minolta is On Top of Nikon

Beautiful Nikon Optical Weapons

Five Elements Lenses

Following last month's four-element lenses, this month we studied five-element lenses.

Micro Nikkor 55mm F3.5

Ai Micro Nikkor 105mm F4

Ai Nikkor 105mm F1.8S

Nikon 1 V1 and Nikon 1 J5

On the same table were several Nikon 1 series cameras. These are the Nikon 1 V1, the first model in the Nikon 1 series, and the Nikon 1 J5, the final model.

NIKKOR-N Auto 25mm F3.5

This Nikon F has the JMSDF (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force) mark engraved on it. The same JMSDF mark is also engraved on the Nikkor 105mm F2.5 lens.

JMSDF Engraved Nikon F and 105mm F2.5 Lens

JMSDF Engraving on the Bottom of Nikon F

NIKKOR-N Auto 25mm F3.5

This is a very rare F-mount Nikkor lens named NIKKOR-N Auto 25mm F3.5. Only 3 pieces of this lens were made. There are only 1 to 2 of them existing on earth. It is unconfirmed whether it is stored in the Nikon Museum at Tokyo.

NIKKOR-N Auto 25mm F3.5

JMSDF Nikon F and NIKKOR-N Auto 25mm F3.5

Group Photo

Only young members gathered at today's meeting. It was a fun meeting with the Nikon Sale banner in the background.

Nikon Boys

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