June 2010, Nikon Kenkyukai
June 2010, Nikon Kenkyukai

Kyobashi, Tokyo

June 19, 2010
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
Nikon Sales Manuals
Show and Tell Special
Zoom Nikkor 43-86mm

Tokyo Meeting June 2010

Tokyo of June is early summer. Now let's walk from Ginza 1-chome to Kyobashi town. Meeting room is near the Dunhill Namiki Museum in Kyobashi.

The main theme of the Tokyo meeting is research on the Nikon sales manuals and the Zoom Nikkor 43mm-86mm lens. Now let's go to the Tokyo meeting together.

Tokyo Early Summer, Meidi-ya Store

Kyobashi Town, near Ginza

Pen Station Museum and Cafe, Kyobashi Tokyo

Dunhill Namiki Museum

Nikon Sales Manuals Special

We researched a lot of Nikon sales manuals. Those Nikon sales manuals were very unusual. There are yellow manuals, white manuals, gray manuals and black manuals. Have you seen them?

Historical Nikon Sales Manuals

Yellow Book, Nikon Sales Manual

Nikon F

OP Fisheye Nikkor 10mm F5.6

Nikon F Motor Drive

Accessories of Nikon F Motor Drive

All Stars of the Nikon Cameras and Nikkor Lenses

White Book, Nikon Sales Manual, 1970's

Nikon F2

Fisheye Nikkor Auto 6mm F2.8 (C)

Nikkor Auto 20mm F3.5

Gray Book, Nikon Sales Manual, Nikkor Lenses

Sales Point of 6mm F2.8 Lens

Nikon Science Technology and Fisheye Nikkor Lenses

Very Rare Industry and Science Nikkor Sales Manuals

The most unusual Nikon sales manual is this. For Industry, Commerce, Graphic Arts and Science Nikkor Sales Manuals.

Nikon Sales Manual, Industry and Science Nikkor Lenses

Table of Contents

EL Nikkor 63mm F3.5 Features

Repro Nikkor Lenses and Early Printing Nikkor

Ultra Micro Nikkor 155mm F4 and 30mm F1.2h

Ultra Micro Nikkor 165mm F4

All Stars of the Nikon Sales Manual

Show and Tell Special

As you know, the Micro Four Thirds system is a standard created by Olympus and Panasonic for compact digital camera. A lot of attractive new micro four thirds format cameras are born, and they are supported to the young and old, boys and girls camera fans.

We Nikon Kenkyukai members hope a new camera is born from Nikon. One of the members has already had a new product of Nikon. We strongly hope for it. Yes, Hatsu, your hope will be fulfilled.

Mini-finder and Digital Nikon

New Digital Nikon Camera Made by a Member

A member talked about the color film in 1929. We researched the advertisement of the Kodak color film that had been published in the ASAHI CAMERA magazine in Showa 4 (1929).

We are studying about Nikon always ardently

Ryu Koakimoto talked about the film development system in 1950's. At that time, Kodachrome was not able to be developed in Japan. Koakimoto was to have mailed the film from Japan to the Kodak film developing lab in Hawaii. He talked that a cloth bag for mailing was attached to the film.

Ryu Koakimoto talked about the film development system in 1950's

Nikon USA Beer Mug

The 43-86 (Zoom Nikkor 43-86mm)

We researched a small, lovely zoom Nikkor lens. Yes, Zoom Nikkor Auto 43mm-86mm F3.5 is it. To research this lens, we studied in Uli Koch's wonderful book, Nikon F Lenses. A big thank you to Uli-san!!

NIKKOREX Zoom and Zoom Nikkor Auto 43-86mm F3.5

Long Life of Zoom Nikkor 43-86mm F3.5

From Old Products to New Products

Zoom Nikkor 43-86mm F3.5 Story in Uli Koch's Great Book

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