October 2009, Nikon Kenkyukai
October 2009, Nikon Kenkyukai


October 17, 2009
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
Dr. Zyun Koana's Collection
and Review

Dr. Zyun Koana's Work and Study

The Nikon Kenkyukai member visited Komaba museum last month to understand Dr. Zyun Koana's great work and study.

We enjoyed the collection for Dr. Zyun Koana at the Kenkyukai Tokyo meeting this month. The member brought together Dr. Koana's collection. A lot of unique collections gathered on the table.

ASAHI CAMERA, August 1957

The 1st Issue of Camera Test Report

A member put one camera magazine on the table. It was a August 1957 issue of the ASAHI CAMERA magazine. The camera test report of the 1st is published in this magazine. The brand new camera was tested by four inspectors.

Four inspectors are Ihei Kimura (Photographer), Dr. Zyun Koana (Professor of Tokyo University), Yukichi Ukita (Government Mechanical Laboratory) and Teikichi Nukui (Camera repair specialist).

Konica III No.121055

And then, a member put the old camera, Konica III on the table. Yes, it is the same kind of camera as the article. However, everybody was surprised to compare the article and the camera.

August 1957 issue of the ASAHI CAMERA magazine
The 1st issue of camera test report
Konica III
Camera No. 121055
Lens No. 3634085

A Nikon Kenkyukai member's camera
Konica III
Camera No. 121055
Lens No. 3634085

Unbelievable!!! A very historical camera was here. It's power of the Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo. Please enlarge clicking and look at the image.

Konica III Lens No.3634085

Really Historical Camera of Museum Grade

The Kenkyukai Member's Happy Research

A member explained his consideration to us about Nikkor 5cm F4.5 lens. Interesting material was distributed.

Research of Nikkor 5cm F4.5

Shigeki Terada of the Dodaira observatory explained his research about astronomical observation.

Research of Dodaira Observatory

Michio Akiyama, an industrial Nikkor lens specialist explained about Nikon yellow book. Nikon infrared camera have Nikkor germanium lenses. Yes, they are Nikkor 27mm F1.2, 45mm F1.2, 100mm F1.2, 200mm F1.2, 30-120mm F1.2 and 60-240mm F1.2. Akiyama said to the member, "Please give these lenses to me". Information on unusual equipment and lenses are stored in his yellow book.

Research of Nikon Yellow Book

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