September 2009, Nikon Kenkyukai
September 2009, Nikon Kenkyukai

The University of Tokyo Komaba Campus

September 19, 2009
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
Dr. Zyun Koana's
Special Exhibition
The University of Tokyo

Dr. Zyun Koana's Special Exhibition

Doctor Zyun Koana (1907-1985) was a science professor of the University of Tokyo. He is the first camera doctor of the "Asahi Camera", Japanese shutterbug magazine. Dr. Koana is famous as father of the Ultra Micro Nikkor lenses. Why is he called like that? Dr. Koana demanded the lens which has over 1,000 lines/mm resolution as for the super-micro photographs to Nippon Kougaku. He did the reduction copy of all the English novel 330 pages into a small postage stamp size using Ultra Micro Nikkor 29.5mm F1.2 lens. Ultra Micro Niikor lens became famous by his academic conference presentation.

Dr. Zyun Koana's Special Exhibition
KOMABA MUSEUM, The University of Tokyo
July 18 (Sat) 2009 to September 23 (Wed) 2009

Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo visited the Komaba Museum of the University of Tokyo. We all meet the Dr. Koana's great study results in the special exhibition. Of course, after study, we enjoyed ourselves over wine and beer in the Lever Son Verre Komaba (faculty restaurant).

Summer in Komaba

Carrying a Tatekan

Tokyo Six University Baseball League

Komaba Clock Tower

Dr. Zyun Koana's Special Exhibition
KOMABA MUSEUM, The University of Tokyo

Nikon Kenkyukai Members

Special Research

We enjoyed the lunch party in the faculty restaurant. There is a nice restaurant named "Lever Son Verre Komaba" in the University of Tokyo. It is happy to talk about the camera drinking wine and beer in Komaba's forest of the midafternoon. This is a slow style of our Nikon Kenkyukai.

Small Forest on Campus

Campus Restaurant

Lever Son Verre Komaba

Main Dining

Window View

Happy Lunch Party

Cold White Wine and Delicious Beer

As you knew, a lot of young women were calculating the route of light to design the lens before the computer was used in Japan. This paper is an article that Dr. Koana wrote in 1952. It is important to know the history of the science and technology to enjoy the old Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses. We enjoyed the lunch party with cold white wine and delicious beer.

Dr. Zyun Koana's Academic Articles

Delicious Beer

Nippon Kogaku Profile Projector Lens

Seasonal Salad

Nice Cold Beer

Seafood Dishes

A Casual Lunch

The Possibility of the Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera

Some old industrial lenses suit the micro four thirds digital camera Olympus E-P1. Hatsu introduced us his special lens collection and his Olympus E-P1. He explained to us that you can use Ultra Micro Nikkor 28mm F1.8 without lens reversing. It's great news for UMN 28mm F1.8 users.

Olympus E-P1 and Nikon S2 SAMPLE Camera

Ultra Micro Nikkor 28mm F1.8

You can use UMN 28mm F1.8 without lens reversing

Yes, a Profile Projector Lens also mounted

Power Coffee

A Nice Day in Komaba Campus

A happy Kenkukai meeting at the Tokyo university ended. It was a nice day in the Komaba campus.

Nikon Boys and Girls, The University of Tokyo

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