2008 Great Meeting at Nikon Headquarters
2008 Great Meeting at Nikon Headquarters

July 9, 2008
Great Meeting
NIKON Headquarters

Nikon Kenkyukai and the Dodaira

The Dodaira Astronomical Observatory is located in the Mt. Dodaira above sea level 876m in Saitama prefecture near Tokyo. There is a Nikon 91cm astronomical photographic reflector in the Dodaira.

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Two Great Men

Mr. Hiroki Kosai, now he is a head of the Saji Observatory in Tottori prefecture Japan. When he was a young astronomer of the Tokyo Observatory in 1956, he climbed the many mountains near Tokyo to find the good place to build the observatory. And he finally found that Mt. Dodaira is the best place.

Mr. Shoichiro Yoshida, now he is a corporate adviser of Nikon Corporation. As you know, he was a Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Nikon Corporation. When he was a young optical engineer, he designed the big telescope, Nikon 91cm astronomical photographic reflector.

The DODAIRA's Observatory Dome

Nikon 91cm Astronomical Photographic Reflector

Great Meeting

Hiroki Kosai and Shoichiro Yoshida put their efforts together and constructed the Dodaira observatory in 1962. Afterwards, they did not have the chance to meet mutually. And very long time has passed.

Shigeki Terada and Michio Akiyama of Nikon Kekyukai wanted to have them meet again. Mikio Itoh of Nikon Corporation made the place for the gret meeting. Finally, they met again in the Nikon headquarters in Marunouchi Tokyo on July 9th, 2008. A young astronomer and young optical engineer enjoyed a long story of the Dodaira.

NIKON Headquarters, Marunouchi Tokyo

Mr. Shoichiro Yoshida and Mr. Hiroki Kosai

Beautiful Dodaira Observatory


The Dynamic Beauty of a 91cm Mirror

The DODAIRA Observatory



The Japanese science magazine NIKKEI SCIENCE is the Japanese version of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN magazine. It was good news for 2022. Part of the web article of the Japanese version of the Nikon Kenkyukai was quoted and published in the NIKKEI SCIENCE magazine.


Nippon Astronomical Heritage 36th, Former Tokyo Astronomical Observatory Dodaira Observatory. The essay contributed by Shoichiro Yoshida was quoted in NIKKEI SCIENCE May 2022. There is also a historical photo of the two side by side in this article.

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