June 2008, Nikon Kenkyukai
June 2008, Nikon Kenkyukai

Zoom-Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm F5.6-F8 P IF

June 21, 2008
Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Meeting
Very Huge Lens
Zoom-Nikkor ED
1200-1700mm Special

June Meeting in Tokyo

Early summer in Tokyo is June. We like happy meeting though Tokyo is a rainy season. Such a day will become feelings that you want to meet the very huge Zoom-Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm lens.

Tokyo in early summer

Rainy season

Tokyo Meeting in June

Ryu's Press Story

Mr. Ryu Koakimoto has a lot of overseas correspondent experiences. Moreover, he is a journalist who has used the Nikon camera from the creation period. He showed us his PRESS CARD collection. A Vietnam war, Apollo 11 launch, Enterprises coverage, a Russian situation, Space Shuttle launch, NASA's space mission and a lot of historical big events are his stages.

Ryu's Press Lecture

Some of Ryu Koakimoto's successive PRESS cards

Old Vintage Collection

You can see two Nikkor 5cm F2 lenses those serial number are consecutive. Yes, they are No. 806133 and No. 806134. Very heavy military telescope was made in Showa 20(1945) January. A Nikkor 5cm F2 lens has mounted to the SLR camera made in Ukraine.

Nikkor 5cm F2 No. 806133 and No. 806134

4cm Side View Telescope, 1945

4cm Side View Telescope, Showa 20

Nippon Kogaku K.K. Showa 20 (1945) January made

Nikkor lens on camera made in Ukraine

Niko-Ken Goods

The Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo presented the pin badge to an active member as a member for three years or more. It is sterling silver, beautiful pin badge. The character "Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo" is engraved to the bottom of iPod that you know.

An iPod and a Small Wooden Box

Sterling silver Nikon Kenkyukai member badge

Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo Original iPod

Very Huge Zoom-Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm F5.6-F8 P IF

Have you seen the hugest zoom lens in Nikon? Yes, the answer is a very huge Zoom-Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm F5.6-F8 P IF. The specification of the lens is as follows.

Name: Zoom-Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm F5.6-F8 P IF
Focal length and Aperture: 1200-1700mm F5.6-F8
Lens Coupling: Ai-S
Lens construction: 18 elements in 13 groups (3 ED lenses)
Focusing and zooming control: via dual rings
Two removable quick zooming handles provided.
Tripod Mount: Mounting Collar Supplied
Weight: 16kg
Dimensions: 237mm dia. x 880mm long (overall)
Filters: 52mm rear drop in
Front lens cap: Slip on type
Lens shade: Built-in
Case: CT-1217 metal case

The box is also big

Must be carried by two people

Carefully took the lens out of the box

Place carefully on the Gitzo tripod

The Beauty of a Giant Zoom Lens

This is a rare and rare lens. We observed the details.

1200-1700mm Zoom

Lens with handle

Heavy Lens Barrel

Shortest focus distance 10 meters

From 100 meters to infinity

Feelings of a Giant Zoom Lens

Its appearance is huge and heavy. However, the movement of the focus and zooming are smooth and delicate. It is a rare lens that follows the royal road of "gentle and strong".

Big Front Lens

Weight 16 kg

Macho Lens

The final boss of the lens world

Zoom-Nikkor ED 1200-1700mm F5.6-F8 P IF

Take the Photos with the Huge Nikkor

This Nikkor lens is the Kenkyukai member's collection. The camera mounted to the big lens is Nikon D3.

Nikon D3 looks small

This lens that appeared in 1994 was a price of 6 million yen. However, main newspaper and the news agency specially ordered these lenses as important photo equipment.

View from the photographer

The image in the viewfinder is bright

A lens that has become a hot topic

Very smooth focus and zoom

The operability of this lens is still very smooth now. Of course, the performance of the lens is really big excellent.

A Happy Discussion about a Huge Lens

Many members gathered to a huge lens. It came for everyone to want to use the huge lens. Because the lens is very stout and charming. The happy discussion about a huge lens was endless.

The Happy Discussion about a Huge Lens was Endless

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