February 2008, Nikon Kenkyukai
February 2008, Nikon Kenkyukai

Tokyo Ginza 2008

February 23, 2008
Nikon Kenkyukai
Nikon Historical Society

Tokyo Meeting with NHS

February 23, 2008. The member of Nikon Historical Society and Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo enjoyed a special meeting near Ginza Tokyo.

Tokyo Ginza Wako Building

Enjoy talking about cameras

Lectures about Nippon Kogaku

Hans Braakhuiss

Research on MIKRON binoculars

Nikon S Motor Show

First, we enjoyed the motor drive sound of the S-type rangefinder Nikon. The electric motor drive operates like a machine gun.

Nikon S Motor Drive Collection

Provide 12 volt DC power supply

Light and heavy motor drive sound

The Nikon motor ran smoothly

Nikon SP Motor Drive

Nikon S3M

Nikon Special Custom Models


The normal commercial model has a red stripe, but this special model has a green stripe. Moreover, the limited production number is extremely small with only 100 units. In 2000, the Japanese big publisher Shogakukan released the Nikon F3 limited edition in the magazine LAPITA.

Nikon F, The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force model

Exciting Presentation Sessions

Presentation Session

Bill Kraus and Yuki Kawai

Active question and answer session

Lots of interesting topics

Nobuji Hatushiba presentation

Members enjoying the presentation

Very Nice Nikon Items

The Complete Nikon Rangefinder Systems ; Robert J Rotoloni

The Nikon Camera in America, 1946-1953 ; Michael Wescott Loader

Nikon F mounted Ultra Micro Nikkor 125mm F2.8 and 135mm F4

230° - SAP

230° - SAP Fisheye Nikkor 6.2mm F5.6

This lens is the world's first SAP (Equisolid Angle Projection) fisheye lens realized by the aspherical lens. This super lens was designed by Masaki Isshiki, Nippon Kogaku, and manufactured in 1969. It is said that only three lenses were manufactured as a prototype product. This lens is the most rare Fisheye Nikkor lens in the world as you know.

Super Very Rare SAP-230 Degrees Fisheye Nikkor 6.2mm F5.6

Nikon F Correction Lens for Finder Eyepiece

CHRISTIES Auction Item


The main theme of the meeting was the special research of the NIKON ONE. Five wonderful NIKON ONE cameras were put on the table. They are No. 60933, 60983, 609118, 609314 and 609345.

Nikon Camera 60th Anniversary

Five Nikon cameras (commonly known as Nikon I )

Shutter release button difference

Nikon I Top Plate

Five Nikon Cameras in a row

Shoot the Nikon Cameras with a Nikon

Under investigation

Coffee Break Snacks

Fantastic NIKON I Session

It is rare to experience a gathering of five Nikon I cameras. We took advantage of this opportunity to observe five Nikon I cameras in detail.

Remove the camera bottom cover

Film guide rail

Film pressure plate

Nikon I Landscape

Differences in Camera Bottom Plates

Appreciation of Nikon I

Rare dome-shaped lens caps

The neat beauty of Nikon I

Detailed research continues

And the camera talk continues

It was a good meeting

The pleasant meeting ended at 5:00 p.m., and we followed this with a meal and beer at LION, the oldest and famous beer hall in Ginza.

Nikon Boys in Tokyo Meeting

Ginza LION Beer Hall

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